WUSB54G gets drop from net and does not auto reconnect.

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by TheBuzzer, Jan 21, 2005.

  1. TheBuzzer

    TheBuzzer Network Guru Member

    My WUSB54G gets drop from the internet sometimes and does not auto reconnect. Is there a way to fix that problem?

    I have to manually reconnect and it is a pain leaving it to download something and it just disconnects and does not reconnect
  2. jagboy

    jagboy Network Guru Member

    the wusbxx are all crappy. the only thing that you can do that, i found out is the only solution is moving the thing closer to the router/ap. try updating the diriver for the wusb54g. i tell everyone that they just wasted money when they buy the wusb54g's.
  3. cruddypuppy

    cruddypuppy Network Guru Member

    I'll have to agree with jagboy.
    I own 2 WAP 11's (Ver 1 & 2.5)
    1 WSBR45 Cable DSL Router (WAN port dead now) using
    SMC Barricade (not much better)
    1 WUSB11
    1 WUSB54G with Speed booster
    1 WAP54G (ver 2 no Speedbooster)
    I have used all combinations of these products trying to connect my wife's computer to the cable modem location at the opposite end of a one story house ~ 100 feet. Over the past two years the longest any of them have worked without tinkering is 2 weeks. I think the problem is those usb adapters. If the aren't running at near 80% signal they're just going to drop any DHCP instuctions and leases and IP stacks or whatever and disconnect. The best performance I had was with the WAP54g as the Far AP, the Newer WAP11 as a freestanding in Repeater mode and the WUSB 11 at the computer end. I only upgraded to the WUSB54G because I thought that would be mose compatible with WinXP. There are two kinds of Wireless users 1) Two story boxy type house - all satisfied users
    2) one story long type ranch house - frustrated users.
    After all this time you would think there would be a cookbook answer to these problems to be found in these forums. I can tell you there is not!
    I am going to call an electrician and have some CAT 5 run through the attic. :roll: :evil: :twisted: GOOD LUCK! CP
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