WUSB54G unable to connect to WAG54G

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by henrihazen, Nov 23, 2005.

  1. henrihazen

    henrihazen Guest

    I have a WAG54G router (Firmware V2). My laptop and my desktop computer connect to this router using a WLAN-adapter. When I start the laptop it connects automaticly to the router, but the other computer, with a WUSB54G-adapter doesn't, although it is setted up exactly the same.

    I have tried numerous things. I have tested it with all the drivers I could find, but the problem stays the same. The router has WPA security (since my adapters couldn't get IP-adresses with WEP security, which was also quite strange).

    Like I mentioned, both adapters are setted up with the WPA key, but the WUSB54G adapter doesn't connect. Only after trying a few times, just manually pushing 'connect' it connects at last. This can be after 2 times, it can also be after 10 times, which is really anoying. The internal laptop adapater always connects properly at start-up.

    I matched all the settings on both computers and installed und unstalled the WUSB54G with numerous different drivers. Same problem. What can it be? Help!
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