WUSB54G V4 USB disconnect problems (Not Wifi disconnects.)

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Deadl0ck, May 6, 2006.

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    (This is rather long, there will be a summary at the bottom.)

    I am running my machine on Windows 2000 Service Pack 4, with all live updates in place.

    My problems started two or three weeks ago, after two weeks of blissfull trouble free usage.

    First, I started getting Access violation errors from the WUSB54G.EXE thing. Also, a few days later, the adapter mysteriously got disconnected from my system. As in, I got the unsafe USB Device removal screen for the adapter. Meanwhile, the thing was still plugged in, but my connection to my AP was lost. I wasn't able to re-establish this, even though I was able to see other SSID's in my neighbourhood. (My SSID isn't broadcasted, so unless you are connected to it, you don't see it.) The only way to get connection back, is rebooting, though my system functions normally.

    Contacted Linksys Live Support, and was told to install Boingo software, to help fix the Error. I felt that this was a rather poor solution, since, if they have that advice in 5 minutes, there clearly is an issue that they know about.

    I decided to dive into my USB Devices instead, and uninstalled the rather poor functioning drivers for my cellphone.... This cleared the access violation error up. For good measure, I re-installed the linksys software, just to be sure.

    However, I still have the random USB discconections. It has taken anywhere from a week, before the second time it disconnected, to twice the last 24 hours.

    Contacted live support again, and they now want me to hook the adapter up to a diffrent PC, to see if the problem is in the adapter, or with my system, because it might be that my system doesn't have enough power for the adapter. the WUSB11 that I used to have (Before my 3 year old nephew pulled it from the cable, and jumped on it.) does draw more power, according to the same person at live help, but it still might be a problem with the power, or with windows live update. (Where he got that from, I have no clue. Just pulled that one out of the blue all of a sudden.)

    Anyway, hooking it up to a diffrent system is not a possibility, since it is my only means to communicate with the network / modem, and therefore my only means of Internet. If it was an error I could reproduce within minutes it would not be a problem, but potentionally it would have to run on a diffrent system for 2 weeks.

    Now, I also read rumours about there bieng a third party driver, that might help, but all I can find is the driver that linksys has, and I use already.

    --- Summary ---

    I have a WUSB54G v4 hooked up to a machine with Windows 2k sp4. Driver version

    I get at random (Somewhere between 15 hours to 2 weeks) a OS message, that says "A USB device has been unsafely removed" or something along those lines, which shows my WUSB54G.

    The adapter still functions, and is active, though I am dropped from my AP, and am unable to reconnect to it, untill I reset. (A Site survey shows all the other visble SSID's around, except for mine, which isn't broadcasted.)

    Bieng an online gamer, and downloading bit things, this annoys me no end. (There seems to be no relation to gaming, or big downloads though, since out of the 4 times it happened now, I was downloading once, asleep twice, with system bieng idle, and on skype, and browsing, nothing else.)

    Does anyone have any clue what this might be, and how I can solve it?

    Also, I read somewhere that there are third party drivers for the WUSB54G v4. Is this true? and if so, are these drivers safe, for windows 2k, and where I can get them? They might fix my problem, which would be great.

    THanks for reading, and hopefully, thanks for helping too :D
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