WUSB54GP Question (maybe problem)

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Private-Cowboy, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. Private-Cowboy

    Private-Cowboy Network Guru Member

    I use a WUSB54GP on my PC and connect to a WRT54G v3.1 - The connection is perfectly stable and fast with great signal (low 40s dbm 20feet away from the router through one interior wall). But sometimes under heavy load (Bittorrent running full speed for example) the connection dies. I thought it might be the WRT54G (because this is ofter the problem) but no, the WRT54G is running perfectly. The problem is the WUSB54GP, it shuts off completely! I've to pull it out of the USB-port and plug it back in or deactivate it using the device-manager and activate it again. Then the connection is back on again.

    Ever heard of such a problem??? How can I solve that? It doesn't happen too often, one time BT can run 4-5 hours with full speed an not problem and another time the WUSB54GP dies twice in an hour. It always the WUSB54GP though.

    Other than that I'm perfectly happy with my WUSB54GP because it performs very well and offer great signal. The small antenne may be not as good as the larger ones from the PCI-cards however I doubt that haveing a better antenne "hidden" under the desk behind the PC shielded by many things can perform better than the small one of the WUSB54GP in a "perfect" spot totally unshielded. I'd say the better antenna gain of the PCI solution is lost due to worse antenna position. Am I right? Or should I consider switching to a PCI solution???
  2. Vester

    Vester Network Guru Member

    I have Windows XP Home Edition SP2 and I don't install the Linksys GUI with the Linksys icon in the Systems Tray. Here's how I install the USB54GP drivers:
    • Remove "Wireless Linksys..." in Add or Remove Programs.
    • Find the installation CD and put it in the CD-ROM or DVD drive.
    • Restart the computer.
    • When the Found New Hardware Wizard starts, point it to the Linksys CD. It will load the drivers needed (the xxxxxx.INF file).
    • View wireless networks available, click on connect, and enter the key.
    • It should automatically connect after any restarts.
    • This cured my problems.
    You may have a neighbor using channel 6 and causing interference. Try a different channel on your router.
  3. Private-Cowboy

    Private-Cowboy Network Guru Member

    Oh my god, a reply - after over a month. I'm suprised to say the least.

    To be honest, I'm very thankful for your help and I thought of such things too. The problem is though that the signal is great (low 40s) and the speed ist too but it seems to crash/shut down/loose connection form time to time and as far as I can say that problem comes from the WUSB54GP. I've not seen such thing on my Xbox360-WIFI or my PDA (with Spectec Card) nor my Laptop (built in WiFi), all are working great all the time, that kinda hints towards the USB adapter.

    I tired it without the Linksys software in the early days but I like it very much because it provides great feedback over antenna and signal - not only 5 bars but very detailed info on dbm. That helps troubleshooting.

    Your saying that this "cured" your problems? You've had the same issues and then they went away after removing the Linksys software?

    I'm ordered a WMP54G internal PCI adapter and will receive it today (I need another adapter anyway for a second PC) and then I'll test if its the software or the adapter itself causing the connection losses.

    Yesterday it was esp. problematic, I lost connection 6 times trying to upload a 45MB file to rapidshare. Seems if you stress the WUSB54GP (like fast upload, P2P) it simply gives up on you.
  4. Vester

    Vester Network Guru Member

    I've had the same problem you are having in the past and my connectivity is excellent since I quit using the Linksys interface.

    I sometimes work on older computers with Windows 98 SE and cannot use my ususal WPA encryption. I like to use wireless connections instead of running a long LAN cable to the router, and I run the Win 98 computers without encryption for expediency. Running channel 6 without encryption gives my wife's Windows XP computer connectivity problems (possibly) because of another network in the neighborhood. I don't use "linksys" and "admin" even when unencrypted, and the neighbor uses "Johnnys Home" on channel 6 (default).

    I have four WUSB54GP and like the versatility (repairing other computers) and it saves a PCI slot in my computers.

    I am surprised that no one responded to your post, but I don't hang out here much. I was searching for "Windows 98 AND USB54GP". Good luck.
  5. Private-Cowboy

    Private-Cowboy Network Guru Member

    Holy mother, I just installed the WMP54G using the Ralink driver mentioned here in the forum and boy does this help. Using the Linksys driver on the WMP54G gives a signal in the mid 60s and the Ralink one gives low to mid 50s. And that's with the antenne in the worst place possible behind the PC under the desk shielded by so manny cables and other stuff.

    That brings me to another point, is there something like an Antenna-Stand (basically antenna cable with stand mounted at the end) that allows me to bring the antenna into a better position?

    Something like this for the RSMA of the WMP54G?

  6. fossey

    fossey Guest

    My one comes up with No association with the access points then the USB power just dies on all USB connections.

    I can't even use the USB without the linksys software because windows says it requires the linksys software to manage the Wireless connection.

    It however works another PC without issues but sadly the PC which needs it has no other cabling avalible.

    Guess it's off to purchase a PCI wireless card for the PC.
  7. Private-Cowboy

    Private-Cowboy Network Guru Member

    Well I can tell that it solved all my problems. The WMP54G (I got it pretty cheap for around $40) performs great, speed is great and signal is badass too (38-45dbi range through one wall, that's 2-3 better than the WUSB54GP) and I've not seen a single dropout in two weeks!!!

    The WUSB54GP is not assigned to laptop duties, works ok there for surfing but the USB models are not made for heavy load.

    A tip, you can use the USB models without the Linksys software. You only need the driver from the CD/download. Plug the adtapter in and when the hardware wizard pops up, point it to the driver folder on the CD. DO NOT use the Linksys installation. That way, the driver will be installed and the monitor will not allowing you to use the windows zero-config util and have some sort of stability.
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