WUSB54GP - What's TXPower and TXBurst?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Private-Cowboy, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. Private-Cowboy

    Private-Cowboy Network Guru Member


    I just came across those two options in the advanced settings of the wifi-g adapter. While I've an idea what TXPower means (adjusting the transmitting power), does it actually do anything in real life? Is the throughput better? Is the signal better when set to 100%? I've no idea. Coming to TXBurst I've not the slightest idea what that does.

    Can somebody enlighten me please. Can I get a little bit better performance if I tweak those two???

    Besides: "CAM On AC_Power" should be set to enabled?
  2. Private-Cowboy

    Private-Cowboy Network Guru Member

  3. darthmalak

    darthmalak Network Guru Member

    TXBurst could increase your speed.

    More transmitting power will mean a stronger signal (in theory). People are even OC'ing their router I believe and need extra cooling on the chipset. I would leave it at default if you don't have any problems.

    CAM on AC_Power should be disabled by default unless you want your system to wake up from LAN.
  4. Private-Cowboy

    Private-Cowboy Network Guru Member

    Well yes but those things are not from the router but settings the driver of my PCs wifi-g usb-adapter offers. So I'm not sure what the should accomplish there. That modifing the routers settings would change things is ok for me. But changing the transmitting power on an usb-adapter???
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