WUSB54GS driver issue

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by sands, Jul 22, 2005.

  1. sands

    sands Guest

    I bought WUSB54GS adapter and it works fine on my XP machine but on win2k machine it does not recognize the drier that is installed by linksys's setup program.

    The driver is installed by a setup program automatically which the device for some reason will not recognize. On XP it does recognize it but not for Windows 2000. Not sure why.

    On Windows 2000 it recognizes the fact that new hardware has been added and allows you to install the driver manually.
    I need to install the driver for WUSB54GS manually (and not by the setup program). However, in order for me to install manually I need to *.inf file. I cannot find that file anywhere. Which means that Linksys does not produce a manual version of the driver (I think). Its all included in that setup program.

    Has anyone else had this experience? Did anyone find a driver that can be installed manually on windows 2000?

    I spoke to Linksys support last night and it was like talking to a brick wall. They just don't get it.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. CoBrA2168

    CoBrA2168 Network Guru Member

    hmm...i have a similar issue on my XP system.

    My problem is that the utillity is soooo unstable that i cant even use it. Its not even funny, it is soooooooooo unstable.

    So i called them and you knwo i was on the phone with them for about 3 hours until i convinced them to send me a new adapter as it was not working well.

    Well heres some thing i found out (i dont know if this will help you or not but...)

    linksys sent me this thing to remove linksys from the registry...so it basically uninstalls it. so i did that and removed all linksys files from my pc and i can stilll access the internet using the Windows XP Wireless thing. (With the GS, you have to have the utillity installed)

    If you want this program they sent me, let me know but i dont think this will help you sorry :(
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