WUSB54GS drops connection when using P2P

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by MCPonken, Feb 5, 2006.

  1. MCPonken

    MCPonken Network Guru Member

    I've got some issues with my WUSB54GS (linksys fw 5.1.3538.0) which I use along with my WRT54GS router (linksys fw 4.70.6).
    It works like a charm except when I use Azureus, or to be more specific, when I download files with Azureus. If I just share and don't download it works fine.

    But when I download, the WUSB54GS drops the connection to the router after about 2-15 minutes or so. If I disconnect and reconnect the USB-cable it restarts and works again, but after a few minutes it will once again drop the connection.
    It seems to be some problem with handling all the connections, because if I limit the connections in Azureus to about 20-50 it will stay online a bit longer, but eventually if will drop the connection anyway.

    This is driving me crazy since I have to watch the computer like a god damn babysitter so I can unplug and replug the adapter everytime it disconnects! :x

    I've tried using different firmwares for the router without any success...

    Anyone with similar problems, or perhaps a solution?
    Appreciate your help! :clap:
  2. suri

    suri Network Guru Member

    DLL error on WUSB54GS

    Guys, I have a WUSB54GS. It installs correctly but when it tries to start the monitor, I receive the error "Can't load res_.dll" or something like this. There is no error during installation but the USB network adapter doesn't work. I have a Pentium 4 with XP Professional, SP2.
    The router is a WRT54GS and it's working perfectly.
    Any idea???!

  3. lipps

    lipps Guest

    you might wanna try using HyperWRT firmware, as i know the problem with Linksys firmware is that it keeps old connections open for a redicilous amount of time which makes your internet crawl after awhile, especially with P2P.

    After doing that, I still have the same problem with my WUSB54GS and i'm using the WRT54G router. The USB adapter just disables itself and I agree it is quite annoying. I've been looking for a fix FOREVER, but I just flashed the drivers on it today and I'm going to see if that doesn't help my problem out. I will let you know and good luck!
  4. dan281082

    dan281082 Guest

    help im aving probs with my wusb54gs. got this one as a replacment for broken one problem is im trying to download it on a cpu with windows ME as the operating system. is there anywhere i can download a patch or update to make this thing work?
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