WUSB54GS drops/loses connection to Internet & Xbox Options

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by beecham, Aug 23, 2007.

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    Hi i've been running WAG354G router for some time now with no real problems. Recently I've noticed the connection dropping to the router. I'm running the latest frimware (according to support who I spoke to last week). Normally I stream audio/pictures etc no problem at all using the WUSB54GS connectiong to the router then the xbox is hard wired. I've tried a coupe of different cables and ports all with no difference.
    Running a continious ping to the Xbox or BBC results in successfull delivery for a while maybe 30+seconds then a couple of time outs, then its all ok again. Then it will die completly.
    I've tried streaming to my MacBook too and this results in a similar problem - stutters then nothing. I haven't made any changes to the network.
    Support got me to remove Linksys software and use XP Wifi stuff this just resulted in the same problem and having to enter a key/passphrase on each restart.
    Im connecting to the back USB on the motherboard but have also tried the front ones, and extra on a PCI card all result in works for a maybe 2 minutes of a stream then stutter then dies

    last night i tried unintstalling the Linksys software only to be told I couldn't as there was a file missing. So I disabled it and reset to Windows Wireless Zero with an automatic start. This seemed to work fine but when I restarted the machine I got no connection at all, the Linksys is greyed out but the windows icon for wifi is gone and available networks does not list a wireless one. Reconnecting the adapter results in Linksys half waking up but not connecting to the net...

    Windows XP...
    Thanks in advance.
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