WUSB54GS Installed, now PC won't boot.

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Haadkoe, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. Haadkoe

    Haadkoe Network Guru Member

    Bought a friend a WUSB54GS for Christmas. I just stopped by earlier this evening to set it up. Ran the install disk, connected the WUSB54GS and seemed to be doing well. Decided to reboot the PC and encountered problems.

    It posts without error, but just about the time it should be loading Windows all HDD activity stops and there you sit... staring at a black screen. I've tried rebooting with and without the USB adapter connected, always with the same result. i've tried booting to safemode as well, and get to the point where it seems to be loading MUP.SYS (or MVP.sys perhaps) where it seems to hang indefinitly.

    Even popped the Windows XP Pro Setup disk in and tried to repair windows... after it finished copying all of the setup files to the hdd, it rebooted and once again just sat there staring at a blank screen.

    The PC in question is running XP Pro SP1, by the way.

    Please help me to resolve this problem!
  2. Haadkoe

    Haadkoe Network Guru Member

    Quick Update.

    I finally got the PC to Boot to Windows. It seems the PC will ONLY boot to windows if the switch to the power supply is switched off, then on, before powering on the PC by the front panel. Rebooting or otherwise restarting the PC without first switching the Power Supply off then back on results in the issues in my first post.

    I'm stumped. Any thoughts?
  3. PsYoNide

    PsYoNide Guest

    I ran into this same issue recently, and I am still not sure what caused it (I'm actually speaking with someone/thing that claims to be a human on their [linksys'] java chat about it right now). I found that the computer will in fact boot if you let it sit for a little while longer. I also have been having problems with my internet connection dropping after only sending a few packets, while my wireless network connection remains at "Very Good." If I get any real help with this issue I'll follow up with it.
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