WUSB54GS won't power-up during PC boot

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by wrbeam, May 6, 2007.

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    I've been struggling with this for more than a year. It only happens on my eMachines 2625, not on my self-assembled old PIII-500, or a more recent eMAchines T5026. It happens with any of my three WUSB54GSv.2 adaptors, with any of the three USB cables that came with the adaptors, and with any USB port on the machine.
    Simply put, the WUSB54GS does not power up during boot. The unit therefore does not show up in Device Manager. The linksys "green square" remains grey; it says "disabled" if the cursor is placed over it. Clearly the problem must be with the PC or its code. None of the eMachines' suggestions have helped - I have reinstalled various ways.
    I can get the adapter started after boot, simply by unplugging its cable (either end) and plugging it in again. Before I do that, a Device Manager scan for new devices will not locate the adapter. I have updated Via support-chip drivers, and am using the 'latest' WUSB54GSv.2 drivers.
    Apparently the code that activates a hot-plugged USB device (presumably, code by Microsoft?) is different from that which scans the USB ports during boot. If I had access to a digital lab, I'd probably by now have looked at the signaling on the USB lines. My best guess is that the problem is some support chip with marginal electrical characteristics.
    Sure is frustrating!
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