WUSBF54G - Does this support WPA2

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by pookiex9, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. pookiex9

    pookiex9 Network Guru Member

    *(The WUSBF54G is the USB stick adapter with the WiFi Locator LCD screen)

    The linksys website says this supports WEP and WPA, but there is not mention of WPA2. Is WPA2 supported with driver updates or the like?

    Does anybody have this... is it worth the cash? (I didn't shop around that much, but I found it for 90 bucks.)

  2. pookiex9

    pookiex9 Network Guru Member

    Found The Answer

    Answered my own question - I called linksys and they told me that this does not support WPA2...

    ...but is there an "unsanctioned" way to get this to work with WPA2?

  3. randydodd

    randydodd LI Guru Member

    wusbf54g works with WPA2.

    Got mine for $75 at amazon.com
    yes, it works with WPA2.

    BUt not with the Linksys Wireless Monitor software. I loaded the Microsoft XP update for wpa2. (go to microsoft support and search for wpa2. download and install the patch).

    then you can configure the wusbf54g using the Microsoft WIndows WZC tool for WPA2, with the wireless.

    Works great.
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