WVC11B Firmware Released - Plus Enhancement Ideas

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by MikeyGMT, Jul 24, 2004.

  1. MikeyGMT

    MikeyGMT Network Guru Member

    Hi All,
    My Cam is used to monitor the back garden from an upstairs window, following a break-in. Linksys' line was it's not for outdoor use, well it was indoors, but pointing outdoors! On bright sunny days it would completely White-Out. The automatic option had to be disabled and the image control settings put to the lowest colour and brightness values, even then it was hard to see a reasonable image.
    I downloaded the new Firmware and Picture quality is now much improved - well done Linksys!
    I have used their feedback/comments page to suggest some new options for future releases. I copied these and then lost the blinking clipboard :roll:
    Anyway these were my ideas:
    1) Recording Utility needs an option to only record when Movement is Detected, and for a period you can set e.g. n Minutes.
    2) Release API's so you can make your own utility with VB or whatever?
    3) Allow Email Alerts to be sent on a 24/7 schedule basis e.g. Monday to Friday 8 am 'til 6 PM. e.g. I won't generally need alerts when I am gardening - it's not pretty! :lol:
    4) This is optimistic! ASF is not allowed through my work firewall, add an option to specify other streaming formats such as Real or MPEG.
    5) Split recordings into smaller files e.g. n Minute chunks. Big recordings wont play!

    There were more ideas, but I forgot them just now!


  2. MikeyGMT

    MikeyGMT Network Guru Member

    To add to the above, motion sensitivty in dark conditions is now much higher ... which is not so clever. I now have to disable the cam from sending emails every evening, otherwise my inbox end up full of meaningless alerts.
  3. JT

    JT Guest

    Need more functionality & firmware hack

    I agree with you, the latest firmware update was fixed the daylight video brightness issue.

    I would lke to see the ability to FTP pics to a desired location. I have contractors working on my house and projects that I am always doing that I like to document. The video clips are great, but I would rather capture clicps to a repository. Then I can piece them together into segments or just create online photo albums to track the progress and accomplishemnts of my hard work.

    As far as a hack is concerned, the ability to telnet(d) would allow for allot of custimization. I like linksys and all but I would rather present the camera to friends etc.. with my own wrapper, plus then I could just run my own little cgi's to push content where I want.

    Future products in this class I hope will allow for integration into new wireless network standards, with pan and tilt and roatate features (as camera owner only) kinds like that new orbit unit. Maybee an outdoor specific unit, as well as one that works completly wireless, considering I am sure it is only a matter of tme before logitech jumps on the bandwagon and steals the show.

    If anyone has information on how to access the camera via telnet or ssh, firmware, please let me know. john@tomasitech.com. In the meantime I will continue my quest.


  4. mrt737

    mrt737 Network Guru Member

    WVC11B woes after flash upgrade to 2.13

    Hi there...

    I recently purchased the WVC11B and have been having an endless amount of troubles attempting to configure it for Wireless.

    Anyways, I saw the 2.13 firmware upgrade and decided to flash upgrade it. Boy was that a big mistake! Now the WVC11B does not seem to function at all!

    The firmware upgrade went through right to the end saying it was successful, but the Power LED was still flashing, so I left it running just in case. After almost an hour, it was still flashing and the device was not responding to PINGs. So I switched it off and now when I switch it back on... the Power and Wireless LED comes on steady! The LAN LED will come on steady as well if I have it plugged in to the hub/switch.

    I have attempted to press the reset, press and hold the reset. No Joy.
    Occasionally, when I have the device switched off and press and hold the reset then plug it back in, the Power, Activity and Wireless LED's come on steady. The LAN led does not light up at all. Other times, it'll just display the Power and Wireless LED's (and LAN LED if plugged in to hub/switch).

    What to do?!?!?!? The thing doesn't respond to pings at all now. :cry:
    Is there a recovery procedure?

    My next option will be to contact Linksys support.
  5. d_zr2

    d_zr2 Guest

    WVC11B wireless issues

    Anyone having problems getting the WVC11B to connect wirelessly? I had mine working then I decided to move it and now it will not work. Works over wired but nothing else.
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