WVC11B (or WVC54G) info desired

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by rgps, Sep 16, 2004.


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  1. rgps

    rgps Network Guru Member

    I have the WVC11B and I am considering getting the newer WVC54G however I am a little bothered by the limitations of this camera. It is a wonderful device however they may have limited access to the camera a little too much. I would like to be able to attach to the device using 3rd party software such as "Active Webcam".

    My questions are
    1) Can the camera be accessed using any technique other then the webpage or the "view/recorder" program which is extremely limited ?
    2) Does anyone know that the "Enable UPnP" feature does ? I know this enables Universal Plug and Play but what the heck does that let me do with the device ? The manual does a wonderful job of explaining this feature as "enables universal plug and play" ;-)
    3) Does anyone know of a way to get the "View camera" window in a custom web page instead of having to use the built in version.
    4) Are there any good sites with information on this device ?
    5) Has anyone tried to hack into this linux box ? Perhaps this would allow us to alter the default web page etc.

    Any information would be appreciated. I really like this little camera and wish I could utilize it's full potential.
  2. Slacktron

    Slacktron Network Guru Member

    It would appear not. There is no way to view a JPG snapshot, or download video without their ActiveX junk installed on the computer and IE as your browser.
    It's something to do with device discovery over Ethernet. I've never used it, and it's disabled on all my devices.
    I'm hoping someone does, because as it is, this thing is going right back to the store. The ONLY way to access the camera view is via an ActiveX program that you have to install into Windows Internet Explorer, or use their tacky little viewing program to do the same thing.

    There is no "push" feature at all.

    There is no way to embed the image in your own page.

    There is no way to automatically fetch the image ever X minutes from your own program.

    In short, this has none of the features I require and used on my Axis cameras.
    I'm looking all over, but it's too new yet.
    I sure hope so.. As it is, it's worthless except for live viewing from a Windows box you control. Internet cafe? Nope. Linux viewing? No. Auto-upload remote monitoring/timelapse? Nope.
    Unfortunately, right now it looks like it's full potential is really meager. I should have bought another Axis or something "less advanced" that would let me just get to the image.

    I'm really hoping someone hacks it or comes out with alternate firmware. Great hardware, crummy server software.
  3. Felix

    Felix Guest

    Cannot View Remotely

    After Hours spent on the phone to linksys it seems its impossible to view this camera remotely. I'm trying to access it on a fixed WAN ip on port 1024. Works perfectly over the LAN. Cannot access at all remotely. Seems like this is a limitation of the firmware? Any help would be great. Thanks.
  4. rgps

    rgps Network Guru Member

    Perhaps new firmware version 2.07 will help

    I had the same problem. After hours spent with linksys they advised me to return the faulty device. Looks like they released without testing which seems to be common with them these days.

    I see a new firmware on the support site. I suspect it may fix the issue for connecting via external internet but the release notes are vague. I returned my device so I can not test.

    Please let me know if this fixes the issue for you. I might like to re-purchase the device.

    The release notes state as follows.
    Version v2.07, Sep 07, 2004 (ver 1, ver 1.1)
    - Driver support for new wireless module ver1.1
    - Fix: Ability to disclose content of arbitrary files from URLs
    - Fix: IP update stops logging in system log

    I suspect "Ability to disclose content of arbitrary files from URLs" may address our issue.
  5. Scooter

    Scooter Guest

    Linksys WVC54G

    I too had a similar experience with Linksys support. Ther were really usless in this case and the best they could do was refer me to www.linksys.com - Doh!
    I like the unit but will probably return it as its just too limited. can't even get a JPEG off it without XP/IE been there - thats insane!. I downloaded the new firmware 2.07 and also looked at the source, but can't see anything obvious. The only think I noticed is that there is possibly still a serial console open on the device. How you get to it, is still unknown. I still find it rather ironic that you have a Linux powered device that ONLY runs in Windows. I bet someone at Linksys is having a really good laugh!
  6. ajdixon

    ajdixon Guest

    http://<ip address>/img/video.asf in either mplayer (Linux) or in Windows Media Player.
  7. Torstenhh

    Torstenhh Guest

    Software Solution for the Linksys WVC54-G

    There is a solution in sight - I tested the Testrelease yesterday. The Applikation VISION GS BS (Business Solution) provides Snapshots, Watermarks FTP-jpg upload ect. All what you can´t do with the original software. I had contact with the developer, and he will fix the new release in few days. I test it and it works well. You can see and order via http://www.visiongs.de/products.html . Say, that you hear about it from "Torsten Schmidt". I am shure you get priority.
    Regards Torsten Schmidt Germany
  8. bigo

    bigo Network Guru Member

    wireless problem

    Anyone could make WVC54G work wireless?

    I could make it work
    wired but have some problems at wireless feature. And that is why I
    want to ask you a few questions and request your help about the
    subject if you have a few minutes to answer.

    - When I plug off the network cable, I can not see the camera at my
    wireless network. It gets the fixed ip (my pc, wi-fi
    access point, adsl modem router Is your wi-fi ap
    linksys or anyother brand? Mine is USR8054.

    - Is there any settings you made for the wireless feature?

    Thanks for your help
  9. roger

    roger Network Guru Member

    wget & wvc54g

    Did some interesting hacking and found the following useful when probing for files on the internet cam:

    $ wget -r --http-user=admin --http-passwd=admin
    $ wget -r --http-user=admin --http-passwd=admin

    After looking over these files, I too must display my dismay at the lack of frontend programing here. The amount of html coding obviously displays the lack of attention to user end features. Just the mear fact of relying on proprietory integrated ms ie applets demonstrates the laziness.

    And, is it me, or is the MPEG4 stream playback is in a non-standard format?? I do get allot of errors on playback with mplayer!

    [mpeg4 @ 0x85d9d60]slice end not reached but screenspace end (16 left 7FFF86, score= 315)
    [mpeg4 @ 0x85d9d60]concealing 2147483647 errors
    [mpeg4 @ 0x85d9d60]slice end not reached but screenspace end (9 left 7FE089, score= 318)
    [mpeg4 @ 0x85d9d60]concealing 2147483647 errors


    Well, I'm loving the idea of a wireless internet cam, but the plan simple lack of having a simple jpeg piped so that I can use Linux Motion to do it's job of motion detection really bites!

    If anybody knows of a good decent wireless internet webcam that will pipe a jpeg (and maybe a decent video stream), let me know via email! roger<at>eskimo.com
  10. roger

    roger Network Guru Member

    ok. I've somewhat cooled down & been using the device for the past day.

    Some lacking features:

    1) Timespan for motion activated video recording (to email) is quite low and longer timespans (larger filesizes) can usually be handled by local mail servers! The minimum wait until waiting to record another video is 2 minutes! Allot can happen in 2 minutes -- ie. imagine what a baby can do in just two minutes! ...even worse, a teen ager!! ;-)

    2) Seems I'm failing to get the device to email to my local servers and complains about using a simple IP address for the domain of an email address!

    3) The option of using only one type of video codec is quite limiting. Other options that should be present are jpeg snapshots (instead of video).

    Again, I would think a corp/engineer should think.. if you're going to push out a product without giving the buyer/end user full functionality of a product, they should atleast allow for software programmers to be able to "hack" the device inorder to deploy the feature they so desperately need.

    I'm very very tempted at building a epia-mii with linuxbios.org and a webcam and wireless card in it. I've considerd the price range to be double the cost of the wvc54g ($230), but consider the option of having something extremely flexible and can do just about anything including streaming ones ogg or video files throught the house!
  11. roger

    roger Network Guru Member

    Here's an interesting scenario:

    Robber drives into driveway/parking lot at night, headlights setting off the motion detection on the camera (and recording it's ~5 seconds of video).

    Robber breaks into door/window (after the video has already stopped recording and won't start for another 2 minutes).

    Walks into the kitchen ~2 minutes later and turns on a light switch (setting off the motion detection on the webcam again, but robber is out of view in the kitchen and the webcam is pointed towards living room).

    Robber exits getting away with your stache of expensive aged wine (without being seen once.. but heard popping the cork off one of the bottles).
  12. roger

    roger Network Guru Member

    Some more interesting info.

    Running strings on "Viewer & Recorder Utility.exe" and I find:

    ....blah blah blah
    PlayerB.exe %s
    PlayerG.exe %s
    ...blah blah blah

    Almost looks as if "\SnapShot" is a switch for Player*.exe???

    I also did some probing with Ethereal and found "Spanning Tree BPDU" acks throughout the network sniff logs and appear to be consistant with the "snapshot" button (doesn't seem to be relevant -- see notes further on down).

    Further probing of the PlayerB.exe file and I find "Convert.exe" close to ".jpg" & ".bmp". So it looks as if Player*.exe call convert and convert the data piped from the router into viewable image formats.

    OK. Now after looking at the quality of the snapshots, and due to the lack of a "snapshot" button within the IE ActiveX Linksys Viewer, I'm concluding that the camera *only* pipes a ASF file and the Linksys viewer will snaps a frame off of the ASF stream (Player*.exe) and converts (CONVERTS.EXE) it to either a bmp or jpg file.

    I'm going to reiterate again.

    1) The http config frontend definitly lacks timing and video codec options.
    2) IMO, the viewer is useless (ie. better tools in Linux to handle video viewing & editing).
    3) The webcam should have an option to pipe out a jpeg instead of video.
  13. roger

    roger Network Guru Member

    One feature I really like is the sending of the video to a remote server. If somebody robs your house & takes your computer, your video will be on a remote email server awaiting retrieval by the cops. ;-)
  14. roger

    roger Network Guru Member

    ok. so i'm a complete dummy!

    This WVC54G is running Linux!

    Wassa taking my good old time getting around to probing the firmware as I had my doubts about what it had inside.

    Code is posted here:


    If you've got a cross compiler setup on your system, you could modify it until your needs are met.

    I'm checking around on Sveasoft and other forums for any modified versions of the firmware that will host the few features I additional so desire. ;-)
  15. roger

    roger Network Guru Member

    Solved my problem with playback, the codec on the wvc54g used to encode the video is not compatable with ffmpeg mpeg-4 codec.

    You can resolve this by specifying a preferred codec for playback by mplayer:

    $ mplayer video.asf -vc mpeg4ds
    $ mplayer -vc help |grep mpeg4 (for a listing of other usable codecs)

    I'm really starting to enjoy this device.

    I also noticed that the html pages for the wvc54g were not tarballed with the wvc54g source. But I do believe that they can be clipped from the downloaded firmware.
  16. Shampoo

    Shampoo Network Guru Member

    Ditto, Ditto, Ditto

    I have found the same problems with my WVC11B. I have not found any way to have it capture a picture, save it some place so I can FTP it to my web site.

    I have not found a way to have it take a picture or video more than once per day. How about every 20-30 sec?

    I have not been able to get it to email me the movement it has got to be seeing.

    I have not found a hack on the web yet. If you have, PLEASE let me know soon. Email me srhodes@jestkidding.com

    If I can't get it to work very soon, back to the store it goes.

  17. Shampoo

    Shampoo Network Guru Member

    It actually works

    Thanks to who ever it was that posted the message above about Visiongs at http://www.visiongs.de/ I have my Linksys WVC11B working. I have it set to capture a picture every 10 seconds and ftp it to my web site. It is working GREAT. The folks at Visiongs were very helpful and quick to reply to my emails. The program has a very easy to use wizard that will step you right through the setup. You may have to ask them for the file that has the WVC11B however. I believe it is only in the testing faze right now but it works great. The program is a fair price at $29.99 US. They have a freeware version that works fine too. I spent a great deal of time looking for something that would work with this camera and sure happy to have found this. I hope this helps some of the rest of you.
  18. ygdron

    ygdron Guest



    Can you post the settings you used to get your Linksys Cam working. Including the snapshot URL.. I'm having issues getting it to work.

  19. FatherTed

    FatherTed Guest

    Don't buy this cam!

    i bought one of these cameras. the sensor is FULL of stuck pixels, and VERY noisy in lower light levels -- like even a normally lit room in the evening. the software is childish junk. give up all hope of using it for any kind of surveillance. and worse yet, NO browser other than stupid IE can view the camera image live. and there is no provision for using it with other software -- no url to fetch a jpg or an mjpeg.

    i found that the thing would lock up sometimes for no obvious reason, requiring me to go out to it and power cycle it.

    note also, that it only supports WEP, so your whole network will be downgraded in security to be able to incorporate this cam into it. in fairness, it seems that most all wireless netcams omit support of any security past WEP. but, that's still no excuse for compromising LAN security.

    its very sad that linksys took what could have been a really super netcam and turned it into second rate junk.

    i am extremely disappointed. and i took it back.
  20. syco2k

    syco2k Guest

    Reasonably impressed

    Hi there folks!
    i bought this cam (WVC54G) to add as a link to my webpage for people to view over the net, the only problem ive come accross is i cant link just the video output to the web browser, instead u have to view it with the built in server browser (crap) as this shows the login details i didnt really want this to show! anyway i come about embedding WMplayer into my page and using the vid output stream filename
    (http://<camip >/img/video.asf) and success the video streams directly to my website in the Mplayer window! unfortunatly quality dosent seem to be good but il am working on it? has anyone else tried this? if so i would be if u could get back to me to see how it goes!

    ** SyCo! **
  21. Slacktron

    Slacktron Network Guru Member

    roger, were you able to find out what login/password it wants for the telnet login? I see this when I connect to it:
    Connected to g-cam.
    Escape character is '^]'.
    Linux 2.4.19-uc1 (WVC54G) (ttyp0)
    WVC54G login: 
    The Admin and User logins don't work, of course.

    What I really want to get out of this box is a simple URL that gives me a JPG of what it's currently seeing. That's all.. why is it so hard? No motion, no HTML, just a raw single JPG.

    Then I could hook it into Zone Minder.

    There are these URLs that provide video, all in some wacky format that may not even be HTTP compliant:

    Have you found any others?

    Does anyone know what format the WVC54Gfwo211.bin firmware file is in? It's exactly 4MB, so I imagine it's a bootable flash or filesystem. If I could mount it and poke around, that would be great.
  22. Slacktron

    Slacktron Network Guru Member

    So far, haven't been able to find the magic numbers for jffs2 or cramfs headers in the .bin file. It appears to mount root on /dev/mtd0, of course.

    Linux version 2.4.19-uc1 (root@RidgeRun) (gcc version 2.96 20000110 (experimental)) #13 Mon Mar 14 16:16:21 CST 2005
  23. atreau2k

    atreau2k Guest

    Linksys WVC11B, WVC54G Wireless webcams html embed fix

    Because Linksys has a wireless webcam that is impossible to embed in a webpage. And you are stuck with their crappy interface. I have found a much better way to handle it!

    Create 2 html pages.
    the first one is the one that everyone sees. Its your webpage.
    Decide where you want to put your video and then add this text to your source code:

    <TD><iframe src ="img1.html" width="341" height="260" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" name="img1"></iframe></TD>
    <TD><iframe src ="img2.html" width="341" height="260" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" name="img2"></iframe></TD>
    <TD><CENTER>[url="img1.html"]Refresh Video 1[/url]</CENTER></TD>
    <TD><CENTER>[url="img2.html"]Refresh Video 2[/url]</CENTER></TD>
    You will notice a few things.
    1) img1.html/ img2.html are pages I have not showed you how to create yet.
    2) (width="341" height="260") These are a Perfect fit when the video on the webcam is set to its largest.
    3) (scrolling="no" frameborder="0") I dont want it to look like its on my webpage, so I hide everything.
    4) (name="img1"/name="img2") I want to call it from a link later, so I have to give it a name.

    So now you understand what the tags mean.. lets move on to the iframe trick.
    Create a new page called img1.html and place this code in it:

    <body onload="window.scrollTo(330,175)">
    <iframe src ="http://YourOutsideIPAddress:1025/img/main_fs.htm" width="1000" height="1000" scrolling="no"></iframe>
    Lets review this page:
    1) (body onload=) This says: Run something right when the page is loaded
    2) (window.scrollTo(330,175)) This is the perfect x/y coordinates for the largest video the linksys webcam puts out. 330 to the right and 175 down.
    3) (YourOutsideIPAddress) When you setup your webcam, you should know this. If you want to look internally, you do not need the port number.
    4) :)1025) Your port number. Again, a webcam setup thing. For every camera you will have a different port number.
    5) (width="1000" height="1000") These number cannot be percentages. The point is for these numbers to be larger than the page.
    6) (scrolling="no") and finally you dont want it to get mucked up with nasty scollbars, do ya?

    now that your 1st page has been created, lets add page #2 so you see the how to without confusion.
    Create a new page called img2.html and place this code in it:

    <body onload="window.scrollTo(330,175)">
    <iframe src ="http://YourOutsideIPAddress:1026/img/main_fs.htm" width="1000" height="1000" scrolling="no"></iframe>
    You will notice the only change is the port number. Remember, each camera need a different outside port to work. And for those still confused about the port thing, here is the scoop:
    Create a port in the advanced camera settings like 1025
    and ALSO open that port in your router so the rest of the world can get to it.

    I am sure this page is most helpful considering I have been looking for months at how to stop using the crappy linksys interface to view the video feeds.
    This works for both the Linksys WVC11B and the Linksys WVC54G Wireless webcams.
    You should know that you need a really high end video card to view more than 1 camera feed at the same time. And that the cameras themselves can only support 4 viewers per camera at once.

    I can finally rest.

    Good luck and happy webcamming.
  24. Flash_

    Flash_ Guest


    I'm sorry - I've had such a lot of work trying to get this camera working that I just had to register just warn in no uncertain terms that this CAMERA IS RUBBISH!


    Cannot supply a simple JPG. At all. Nada.

    Cannot stream MjPG correctly, even when hacked - leave it running for 5 minutes and Firefox crashes. I suspect buffer overflows because the stream is unbounded which is NOT the case with other cameras.

    The MPEG4 stream is non-standard.

    Won't display mjpg correctly outside of its own wrapper, displays one image then stalls. This makes it unusable for third-party tools like Zoneminder to use for surveillance.

    ONLY FEEDS 1 CLIENT! If another asks for a feed, it denies and then kills the existing stream for good measure.

    The restrictions in config are appalling. I spent ages trying to find my way through the awful UI to find features that turned out simply not to exist.

    Case split open. Build quality very poor.

    Image quality is dire. Anything less than bright daylight is grainy, low light goes pixellated very quickly. Even with a 40watt bulb the range is less than 20 feet inside, and forget recognising a face more than 6 feet away unless it's static for half a second. Motion blur is low light is very pronounced.

    Many features simply don't work - adjusting the jpg quality results in no change whatsoever. Email alerts are a known cockup.

    The defaults are crap! Why default to a 192.168 subnet which is in decline and NOT use DHCP with a 10.0.* fallback?

    The ONLY thing about this camera that I am not complaining about is the wireless reliability and range, and that's because it's merely adequate.

    This camera is nothing but a badly built and overpriced toy. I paid £110 for this, it's worth less than £30. Both hardware and especially software are truly awful.

    On the network I've setup I now use exclusively Axis cameras which have a huge feature set, very good support, great optics, reliable and allow 20 connections at a time. I have no link to Axis other than a satisfied customer. Now they're releasing a wireless camera with audio (finally) I can junk this POS in the bin.

    Axis is the executive company saloon. Linksys is the noddy car with comedy spring-loaded doors and bonnet. Funny to play with but forget about using it for work.


    Wish I bloody hadn't.
  25. H3ctor

    H3ctor Network Guru Member

    The recording time and the lag between messages can be changed by altering the URL. Cut and paste it, find the right sections and up the length and drop the lag to 1 minute. A 15 second video weighs in at a meg. Enough time to see the robber pour his first glass.
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