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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by thebigmagu, May 6, 2006.

  1. thebigmagu

    thebigmagu Network Guru Member

    i am looking to get a WVC200 but i am concerned about the video quality. I wanted to know if anyone has any sample images or know of any public cams i can connect to so I can view some video.

  2. Theli93

    Theli93 LI Guru Member

    Too bad nobody responded!

    It would be nice to see, and it would be a great idea for Linksys to provide online access to items such at this so we could give them a test run... so to speak. There's nothing like a little live experience with a product prior to purchase.
  3. Theli93

    Theli93 LI Guru Member

    Images & Impressions WVC200

    I got someone to give me a peek! [click images below for full size view]

    I can see why some people have complained about the color (greens appear purple), but I believe this is due the camera’s ability to see infrared. Unfortunately you have to set up an infrared emitter to make use of this ability.

    Linksys should seriously consider manufacturing a model that does not have the infrared ability, and then provide this model with the infrared attached (or at least attachable). The current configuration is like buying a truck without a truck-bed. Sure you can drive it, but you can’t make full use of what you purchased unless you by an add-on (which they don’t sell). Not the most intelligent marketing… that’s our Linksys.

    The images from the camera are actually fairly good. It captures motion well; as can be seen in my cropped screen captures below of the pedestrians and cars passing by. I could watch the trees moving in the wind in the background and a butterfly flying about the shrub in the foreground. The camera provides for three resolutions: 160×128 (too small), 320×240 (best image – shown below) and 640×240 (nice size but a little too blurry).




    The controls for the camera functioned well and the interface installs (via Active X) on first logon. Camera motion was reasonable – don’t expect instant motion over the internet. There is also volume adjustment on the interface.

    For what was available, the sound quality was quite good. This camera is mounted outside so I could hear the wind across the mic, but I could also hear the cars drive by, a dog in the neighborhood and a plane in the distance. At full volume I could even hear the television inside the location… not clearly enough to make out details though.

    For the record, I was viewing the camera from Las Vegas, Nevada over the internet. The following pertinent information was provided by the camera host:

    • The camera is operating wirelessly.
    • The camera is at the default settings.
    • The location is kept hidden so as not to give away where it is physically located. We will say that it currently resides in NJ.

    To elaborate more on the setup we are using a basic Linksys
    SRX Wireless Broadband router with encryption enabled. The camera is set up
    pick up its addressing via the DHCP settings on the router. The distance
    between the router and the actual camera is approximately 150 feet.​

    All in all, I was fairly impressed with the cam. :thumbup:


    Date and time on the camera are incorrect as it was set up strictly for sample. Actual date was 09/23/06 and I believe around 13:00 LV time.
  4. WirelessInn

    WirelessInn LI Guru Member

    Well, Theli, as for me I like the price of this cam and the features it offers. I am planning to install some wired and wireless cams in my business for basic monitoring. I appreciate your sample screen views.
    You state that the views are based on default settings. I wonder if the color adjustment feature available for that cam (I think, for having read the user and the install manuals) would correct some of the "purple green" phenom!
    RE: outdoors usage, any idea of low temp capability?
    - Roger T
  5. davejazz

    davejazz Guest

    Thanks for the images. They confirm my assumption that the WVC200 has a DEFINATE color problem ... unless the hedges and leaves in New Jersey are purple! [Grin!]

    I was about to return my camera to Linksys for an exchange but have read that other's who have done this received a replacement camera with the same problem (defect?).

    I have a side-by-side web page comparison of two cameras, one being the WVC200.

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