WVC54G - live video streaming wants to attach to a website

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kakee, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. kakee

    kakee Network Guru Member

    Hi all,

    Just one quick question:

    I have a WVC54G and it's working fine, locally and remotely. I'm just curious if the live video streaming can be seen or attached to a website? e.g, I currently have a website and I just want the live video streaming viewable on one portion of my site.
    Any suggestion and comment is much appreciated.
  2. svg1

    svg1 Network Guru Member

    Insert the following . Change the value //IP:pORT to your pubic ip address & port used .

    STANDBY="Loading Microsoft Windows Media Player components..."
    <PARAM NAME="fileName" VALUE="http://IP:pORT/img/video.asf">
    <PARAM NAME="animationatStart" VALUE="true">
    <PARAM NAME="transparentatStart" VALUE="false">
    <PARAM NAME="autoStart" VALUE="true">
    <PARAM NAME="showControls" VALUE="false">
  3. kakee

    kakee Network Guru Member


    Tnx! Buddy!!
    I'm a happy camper!!
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