WVC54G - "Other Error!"

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by wasserkopf72, Nov 24, 2005.

  1. wasserkopf72

    wasserkopf72 Network Guru Member

    Hi folks,

    I do have a problem setting up my new WVC54G.

    The setup finds the cam but whatever I'm configuring then the setup will say "Other error!" when trying to save my settings.

    Hints appreciated!

  2. wasserkopf72

    wasserkopf72 Network Guru Member

    ok... seems like renaming the cam within the setup was the problem...

    with the preset name the error is gone but no matter the software is unable tocopy the new setings to the device. after a few minutes it says "unable to copy to device" or something like that.
    the cam is connected and found within the setup and I tried bth wireles an direct connection - same problem.

    any ideas?

  3. wasserkopf72

    wasserkopf72 Network Guru Member

    just in case somebody is reading this...

    the problem is still there but nonetheless the setup copied my new configuration and the cam works. strange thing.
  4. umlungu

    umlungu Network Guru Member

    yes wasserkopf72 I was reading this, and thank you very much for the pointer. I had heard stories of installation problems, but did not know what to expect.

    Anyway I installed my WVC54G-UK successfully today, by following the Linksys instructions and with the following points noted. I am connecting wirelessly (WEP/128) to a Netgear DG834G version 1, firmware 3.01.25

    1. As you say, do NOT change the device name when this is offered. Everything went fine when I retained WVC54G as the name. Unlike you I did not encounter further errors (Don't know what I'll call my second camera though)

    2. Remember to set the channel !!

    3. Before unplugging the ethernet and rebooting wirelessly for the first time , go into web setup and check the Network Type . Mine reverted to 'Ad Hoc' even though I specified 'Infrastructure'. Failure to do this means the camera cannot obtain an IP address by DHCP
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