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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by tzokev, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. tzokev

    tzokev Network Guru Member

    I've bought WVC54G three days ago in Bulgaria (Europe). The camera powers off after 20-40 minutes. Then i have to wait 3-5 minutes and reconect the power supply to restart the device.
    I saw a thread about this problem, but it was rather old. Since this camera is new (3 days old) I expected that this was solved by Linksys.
    Can someone who had that problem tell me a solution. Or is there an entire series of deffective cameras?
  2. itxweather

    itxweather Network Guru Member

    Hi Tzokev,

    The problem that you've explained sounds similar to what i'd experienced with the the WVC54G i'd initially bought. To cut a long story short (many hours in all of chatting online with Linksys, who, in fairness to them were and always have been helpful) it was decided that the power supply was faulty.

    A firmware upgrade was initially carried out, as advised by Linksys technical support, however this did not cure the fault.

    The whole unit was returned to Amazon.co.uk and they replaced it with another one and the problem seems to be no longer present. There are other issues that i'm experiencing however the unit does not seem to switch itself off and powers-up almost immediately.

    The unit with the faulty power supply would refuse to power-up and the power had to be cycled on and off for some 3,4 or 5 minutes in order to get the camera to work which was very frustrating. The one that i'd bought initially used to switch-off by itself as well even though it was streaming video prior to powering-down.

    A replacement WVC54G is probably what's needed here I think.

    Best Regards.
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