WVC54G Self Power Off Problem

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by kemall, Apr 1, 2005.

  1. kemall

    kemall Network Guru Member

    Hello all,

    I have recently bought a WVC54G IP camera and every five to ten minutes it shuts down and cannot be turned on before a few minutes passes. Has anyone experienced such a problem or know a cure for it or did I just receive a faulty unit?

  2. ginga

    ginga Network Guru Member

    Ive noticed that it can get quite warm, especially if its sat behind glass inside (filming outside). You get the sun shining on it and it certainly hots up. I didnt like the temp of the main body so moved it into a shadier location. Could that be related your problem???
  3. naveb1

    naveb1 Guest

    Having exactly the same problem - I don't thinkw its heat related as my camera is in a airy cool room. Like yourself cannot find a fix.
  4. kemall

    kemall Network Guru Member

    I aggree that it is 99% a heat related problem but can not be solved directly by easing the air flow in the box as I have completely seperated the back and front covers and let the circuit board ventilate, it only lasted a 20 minutes longer it normally did. When I searched through the net, I saw a thread by someone having the same problem and he found the solution in drilling several holes in the body, which I wouldn't do with a brand new cam. I have returned it and awaiting for the new unit to arrive. I'll post my experiences with the new one.

    Thanks a lot
  5. kemall

    kemall Network Guru Member

    BTW, this is the reply I received from linksys customer support:

    The device has an operating temperature of around 0ºC to 40ºC, be sure not to exceed this . Change the outlet on where the device is connected to, this can be also a problem on the power outlet. If same problem, do a hard reset on the camera. Press the reset button with a small object for 30 seconds then remove the power and try to reconfigure. Then check if the camera still reboots by itself.

    it didn't work for me but hope works for someone else


    It means that the product is defective and needs to be replaced.
  6. t4thfavor

    t4thfavor Network Guru Member

    i would say that it is defective (what kind of jerk off tells you its your outlet?) thats rediculous.
    for sure
  7. olivier

    olivier Guest

    I have exactly the same problem. I return the camera for exchange and receive a brand new one. Problem remain the same !
  8. kemall

    kemall Network Guru Member

    If you experience the same problem then please e-mail support@linksys.com and let them know about it. There are serious design flaws in almost every linksys product I used and they usually never seem to have a clue about it.
  9. kemall

    kemall Network Guru Member

    I realized that WVC54g is quite sensitive to the outlet it is connected to. If you're having periodic lock-ups, just change the outlet, that solved my problem.
  10. JoPa

    JoPa Network Guru Member

    I had the saem problem with the first unit that was shipped to me. It would always go off line after being on for 20 minutes. After some email exchanges with Linksys Tech Support they suggested to return the unit to the vendor. I came to the conclusion that some component in the cam was overheating and it took about 20 minutes to reach a temp where it failed. Then it also took real long time to cool down after you removed the power from it and then being able to boot it again. The replacement unit works fine hardware wise. I wish that was also the case with that email alert feature, too. Oh well, I like challenges ...
  11. Zero0ne

    Zero0ne Guest

    overheating problem


    i've got the same problem, but before i start my long way to my vendor i've got a question...

    could it be possible, that this overheating problem only exists in a special production series?

    some of you said (iirc) the problem was solved by changing the camera.. some said it does not...

    so can you people say anything about the revison of you camera?

    thx 01
  12. JamesK1975

    JamesK1975 Guest

    I received a WVC54G v1.1 today - and I'm having the same issue - the camera barely works for 10/15 minutes before the camera powers itself down, and then takes several minutes before it can be restarted.

    It's pretty disappointing, as the office I'm working in is very cool this evening.
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