wvc54g website very very slow?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by cliffpork, Jun 20, 2005.

  1. cliffpork

    cliffpork Network Guru Member

    I am wondering what kind of performance I should be recieving from my wvc54g when connecting through the internet. My feed seems to be about 30 seconds delayed, I only get about 1 frame per 30 seconds( even on the lowest settings). I don't think it is a bandwidth issue(my upload is about 390kbps and I upload about 5 frames per second through yahoo messenger.
    I thought it may be a wireless issue, but I have the same poor performance when connected directly to the network.
    Any ideas? thanks in advance!
  2. cliffpork

    cliffpork Network Guru Member

    does not seem to be webcam problem

    Well, it does not seem to be a webcam problem. I set up http: service through visionGS PE and set up a page with a 100KB photo. It took 30 seconds to load the 1 photo? Will try to trouble shoot elsewhere. thx
  3. indiano

    indiano Network Guru Member

    How did you configure wvc54g for visionGS?. Please.
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