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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by ginga, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. ginga

    ginga Network Guru Member

    Hi folks, I have a wierd problem with my WVC54G (v2.07) internet camera.....

    I can access it via the internet via the 213.xxx.xxx etc address with no prob. But when I try to access it over my network via its 192.168.1.xxx address it doesnt want to work.

    I know the local address is correct via DHCP, the correct port is open in the WRT54G router, but cant be accessed fully. By fully I mean if i go to, it loads up the home menu from the camera.... but not fully, the IE6 browser is still trying to load some last little bit. If I click on view camera... I get a blank IE screen with it forever trying to load. If I go back and click on the Setup menu, it loads but not with my custom values, eg it shows GMT+8 instead of GMT whcih I had it set to and again IE is forever still trying to load something.

    Yet it all works perfectly from the very same PC via the internet access. Any thoughts?

    Oh yeah, I have tried a reset of the camera via the little button.


  2. ginga

    ginga Network Guru Member

    Whoops.... fgixed it but I will leave this post incase anyone else has the same prob.

    It was the "Web Shield" on my "Avast Anti-Virus" (free edition) software. I disable that particualr sheild and LAN access to my camera works perfectly, enable it and its screwed up.

    Dont know why or what in the AV sheild is causing it yet, but thats the source.


  3. ginga

    ginga Network Guru Member

    Found the reason, its a bug in the latest Avast AV program update. A cut-n-paste from the Avast support forum thread http://forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=12015.0 follows......

    OK guys, here's a patch that should resolve the issue. Verifying that it actually solves the problem at your side would be apreciated.

    Please follow these steps to install the patch:

    1. Stop the WebShield provider in avast
    2. Download http://cat.asw.cz/misc/ashwebsv.zip and extract its contents to the avast folder. Overwrite ashWebSv.exe that's already there (it shouldn't be locked because of step 1.)
    3. Start the WebShield provider

    hope this helps folks

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