WVC54G wireless problems

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by tzokev, Jan 21, 2006.

  1. tzokev

    tzokev Network Guru Member

    This is my second post for this wireless camera. I had some problems (the cam powers off), but after I returned it to the store they fixed the power adaptor and now it seems ok.
    I connected the camera to my wireless network. It works for several hours then disconnects from the ntwork. It never reconnects again. I have to switch off than back on tho reconnect.
    Can anyone help?

    P.S. I'm getting really dissapointed of this linksys product
  2. dangun

    dangun Guest

    COuld be traffic related

    I have a similar issue.... and the situation is worse if the camera is being remotely viewed. That is, if I am viewing a video stream it seem to drop off the network after a few hours. If I don't view a video stream the camera drops off after a few days.
  3. tzokev

    tzokev Network Guru Member

    Wireless Problems

    I have connected the camera via Ethernet. Now it seems ok. I hope that linksys will fix the wireless problems in next release of their firmware. Unfortunately the firmware isn't upgraded frequently.
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