WVC54GC IP-Camera Development Environment

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by jcabrer, Jun 27, 2006.

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    Yesterday I downloaded the GPL source for the Linksys WVC54GC IP-Camera, and I've been working to get it to compile ever since.

    The package includes both the source for the camera software as well as the cross-compile development tools!

    If anyone wants to follow in my footsteps, here is a step by step:

    1. Get a working Linux system. I'm using Knoppix v.5.x running on the VMware server product which is free to download.

    Knoppix Download

    VMware Server Download

    2. Once you have your Linux system running, log in as yourself, and download the GPL source to your home directory.

    WVC54GC GPL Source Download

    3. Extract the package here

    $ tar zxfv WVC54GC_v1.15.tgz

    This creates a directory called WVC54GC. Rename the directory to ip_camera

    $ mv ./WVC54GC ./ip_camera

    4. Become ROOT and issue the following commands:

    $ su

    # cd /opt
    # tar zxfv /home/your_username/ip_camera/cadenux.tgz
    # ln -s /home/your_user_name /home/weeder

    This installs the toolset, and also creates a symbolic link that seems to get around a problem finding some files.

    5. return to your user account and extract the souce code file.

    # exit
    $ cd
    $ cd ./ip_camera
    $ tar zxfv WVC54GC_GPL_SRC.tgz
    $ cd WVC54GC_GPL_SRC
    $ make clean
    $ cd linux
    $ make menuconfig

    Once the menuconfig gui starts, press ESC and save changes.

    $ cd ..
    $ . ./setenv (that's DOT SPACE DOT SLASH)
    $ make

    Post your results here.

    For me, I got a few errors relating to sed, and missing bison and flex.

    Right now I'm stuck at the compile of boa web server embedded.

    If I can get this thing to build, the next steps might be to fix the mjpeg feed and maybe beef up the installation as a whole.
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