Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by eduardosuave, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. eduardosuave

    eduardosuave Network Guru Member

    ok here is the setup

    I dont know how to ascii draw but here is kind of what it looks like

    zzzzz - wirelesss
    -------- - ethernet

    WRT54GS ----------- Slackware box
    zzzzzz WinXP PC
    zzzzzz Bridge/WET54GS

    WET54GS ---------- Win2000 PC

    Cable modem to WRT54GS with DD-WRT v23 (11/24/05)

    WRT54GS -
    connected via ethernet - PC running Slackware Linux
    connected via Wireless G - laptop running WinXP
    default gateway for both (yup the WRT54GS)

    WET54GS5 setup and connected via wireless g to using my SSID and WPA. NO HARD LINE CONNECTION - default gateway is (again the WRT54GS)

    WET54GS has a laptop running Win2000 (my work machine) connected via ethernet port. Upon boot it can get a DHCP request to the WRT54GS. currently can ping: (WRT54GS) (Slackware box, ethernet connection to WRT54GS) ( WET54GS5, wireless bridge) cannot ping (Laptop connected via wireless to WRT54GS), however can ping

    for u Windows peeps:
    nbtstat -a from gets a complete netbios response *shock* also cannot get out on the Internet via Name resolution or IP. In other words

    Name: www.l.google.com


    neither of the above will work.

    I can see that the bridge and the WAP (I have the WRT54GS in AP mode) are talking to each other. This is evidenced by me being able ping both from the slackware box which only has a ethernet connection to the WAP. But as stated above, the PC connected to the bridge cannot get to the Internet even though it can get its IP assigned via DHCP whjch include the Default GW settings and DNS servers. Not to mention it can ping the DefaultGW/WAP, Bridge and Slackware box.

    I've tried just about everything and cannot get the PC connected to the bridge out to the Internet. I have successfully scp'd files to and from that PC, so I know its talking to the internal network, just not the Internet.

    Any ideas. I'm spent. :sad: :wallbang:

  2. stanward

    stanward Network Guru Member

    I would suggest calling Linksys tech support. I find their tech support to be well over par as compared to other companies.

    24/7 tech support!

    Sorry I'm of no help. It seems the DNS is of question. What happens when you ping the IP addy of www.google.com?

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