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    (this was edited from 2 posts I made elsewhere, I didnt even think about this forum until now, so it it reads a little awkward thats why)

    It all started about a week ago...

    I have a Linksys WRT54G (v3 I believe, yeah an older one) running Tomato 1.13. I have a fiber connection that goes from the gateway (side of house) to the router. There are three PCs constantly on the network with one wireless laptop on occasion. All the hardwired PCs are done up with statics IPs from the router via MAC address.

    PC 1 = .110 (my pc)
    PC 2 = .111 (my wife)
    PC 3 = .112 (father in-law)
    Laptop = whatevers free, which is always .120 (also mine)

    The dynamic pool starts/ends at .120 - .140. I have filters running which deny all access EXCEPT the above PCs MACs. Same with wifi, deny all except the laptops MAC.

    Starting about a week ago the net started going down. I recently updated Tomato from 1.09 to 1.13 at about that time. A PC would popup the router login box asking for user password when you try to visit ANY site. Even if you enter it correctly it displays file not found error. Hit cancel and it gives you an access denied error. I have to release/renew the PCs IP and/or reboot the router to get it to work again. Most of the time after repeated attempts to load a web page it will display "x.x.x.112 is managing this device" which is not likely as that person does not admin the network (I do) and doesnt even have the user/pwd info. For some reason it always says that PC is managing the router. It takes me about 10 minutes of clearing cookies/cache and releasing IPs before I can get all the computers to work again. Mostly just .110 and .111 are effected, rarely .112 it seems. And as of late I have to quickly login and reboot the router to fix it.

    Any ideas on what the hell is going on? Tomato has worked flawlessly until now (if that is the problem). I have also tried flashing back to 1.09, with no changes, the issue is still there.

    I have also restored the routers settings to factory default (still with Tomato) and rebuilt all my settings with no luck.

    I also noticed that on the .110 and .111, when the web does not work, email (thunderbird on port 995) works just fine. I can send/receive email, but not use Pidgin (IM client, AIM) or http.

    I logged into the router and rebooted it. No change. Then I logged into the router and change the remote management port from 80 to 81 and everything cleared right up. I changed it back to 80 to see what would happen and it was still all normal.

    The other thing I found odd was (I had IE and FF open to test) after I changed to port 81 on the router I had to restart firefox to get it to work. IE I left open. After I restarted FF it worked. IE which had not been restarted was still producing the same errors until I restarted it, then it ran fine.

    I have used Spybot S&D, Adaware, and did a full scan with Trends Housecall. Checked my HJT logs, and looked at the devices on my network, and it is all clean from any "other" sources. I am pretty sure it is an issue with the router.

    Thanks for the help.
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