xbox 360 lag issues with wrt54gx2

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by tarunmann, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. tarunmann

    tarunmann Network Guru Member

    So. If I directly connect my xbox360 to the cable modem, I get no lag with Fight Night Round 3. When I am going through my linksys wrt54gx2 with srx200 technology, the lag comes back.

    Here's what I've tried with the Router to try and remedy the issue:

    - Upgraded to latest firmware 1.01.14
    - Put in DMZ
    - Enabled port forwarding for xbox live - 3074 tcp/udp and 88 udp
    - Enabled QoS and gave my xbox a HIGH priority (default 1000kbps)
    - Enabled uPnP
    - Checked my xbox network settings and my NAT is Open

    I've read that some peeps have had lag issues with this model, but they were able to resolve by doing some combination of the above. No luck here, just looking for some help. It's annoying to have to keep switching the cbale modem between the xbox and the router.
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