Xbox 360 / WRT54GS / Globespan Virata GS8100

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Moif, May 19, 2007.

  1. Moif

    Moif LI Guru Member


    I'm confused beyond belief :)

    Our ADSL comes through a Globespan Virata GS8100 router which is set to static IP (

    I've recently picked up an Xbox 360 plus Wireless device and a Linksys WRT54GS (Firmware v1.05.6, I just upgraded it)

    My question is how do I set this all up so the Xbox can see the internet? It'd be easier to use the Linksys on it's own but there's only an ethernet in for the internet and not an RJ11 cable (I'm UK based) so I have to use the GS8100

    Essentially I have 2 routers and I'm thinking I need to set the Linksys up as a WAP for the Xbox but if I try and set the Linksys to be static ( and WEP then I get a blank page in the configuration.

  2. ifican

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    Your first order of buisness is to see if you can put your adsl modem into half-bridge mode. As you stated the gs8100 is already doing your nating, you can add the wrt in as well, and double nat is not that big a deal but if you are trying to open certain inbound ports can be a headache. As far as getting the wrt to work in the current network setup you will need to unplug it from the gs8100, log into it and set the lan network address to something other then 192.168.1.x, make it 192.168.10.x. I believe your currenty issue is because you are making the wan port a 192.168.1.x address and the lan is already set to that, if that is infact the case it will not work.
  3. Moif

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    Thoughts and discoveries:

    I can't find a half bridge mode in my GS8100 config. There is a tab for 'Bridging' but it only allows enable or disable.

    I've got 2 NICs in my PC, a Realtek that I'm using to configure the Linksys and a Netgear which is going to the GS8100. I've set the Linksys to static IP ( with the GS8100 as the Gateway and the GS8100 is set as it was ( Realtek NIC is set to .1.6 with the Linksys as the Gateway.

    I did try the .10.1 setup but there was an issue with the routers seeing each due to a subnet problem? I think I'm right in saying that both routers need to be on the .1.x range to see each other.

    Thing is though is I have both NICs enabled, the Realtek can't open any pages on the Linksys, it just times out. If I disable the Netgear then I can configure just fine.

    I also need to know in which port do I stick the cable on the Linksys. Is it in the Internet port or one of the LAN ports? Right now for configuration it's in LAN1 but I'm guessing that it'll need to go into Internet once it's configured?

    Finally, when I get to the Wireless portion of the config and I set it to WEP or even WPA, I add a key then the page blanks out, I can't get back to it so I have to reset the router and start over.
  4. Moif

    Moif LI Guru Member

  5. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    you routers WAN (External) IP cannot be the same as the LAN (internal) IP.

    change the WRT54GS "Router IP" to a different subnet ie
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