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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by gabo03, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. gabo03

    gabo03 Network Guru Member

    Any way to put my XBOX in my Wireless Network, without buy the Microsfot adapter?

    Thanks for any help.
  2. whatsthedeal

    whatsthedeal Network Guru Member

    yes there is - you could use the client bridged mode of dd-wrt to do this. or if you have 2 wrt54g's, you could use wds mode as well.
  3. gabo03

    gabo03 Network Guru Member

    OK whatsthedeal

    you can explain me this, im newbie abouth this.
  4. whatsthedeal

    whatsthedeal Network Guru Member

    i just need some information from you about what your network looks like right now.

    about client bridged mode - it works like the microsoft adapter does by allowing you to connect what's directly wired to the router to your wireless network.

    wds: this allows you to use multiple wrt54g(s) together to make a larger wireless network. you can usually only do this with 2 linksys wrt54g(s) or similar so client bridged mode is more appealing for most.

    client-bridged example:
    modem === router(any wireless) ))))))))))) (((((((((((( wrt54g(s) ====== xbox

    wds mode example:
    modem === wrt54g(s) ))))))))) ((((((((( wrt54g(s) ====== xbox

    key: (((( and ))))) are wireless signals
    ======== represents a network cable

    it's all really simple so don't think you have to be an expert to do it. there are plenty of guides here and other helpful people on these forums if you run into problems with it.

    currently i am using dd-wrt v23 on a wrt54g and wrt54gs and have them in wds mode (client bridged with wpa has some quirks while wds with wpa does not - in dd-wrt). now if you got a wrt54gs, you could use thibor's hyperwrt firmware which also supports client-bridged mode. but know this, using dd-wrt in client-bridged mode with wep worked fine so i'm not sure what's up with wpa. so you could use wep for the time being or get 2 wrt54g routers (about the same price as the microsoft wireless g adapter alone).
  5. gabo03

    gabo03 Network Guru Member

    My actual network is:

    Modem ===== WRT54g v2.0 ))))))))) Laptops

    and wired to a few PCs

    I have the XBOX in another room, something like 10 meters from my router.

    My idea is like yours, buy another WRT54G, put a third party firmware and connect both router in WDS modem, and with this, expand my wireless range too.
  6. whatsthedeal

    whatsthedeal Network Guru Member

  7. gabo03

    gabo03 Network Guru Member

    I see a few WRT54G in ebay, very cheap, i suppose are early versions.

    But another question, i see a few comments in the DD-WRT page, wich that firmware are very unstable, what you can tell me about.
  8. whatsthedeal

    whatsthedeal Network Guru Member

    actually the firmware is very stable. i'm using the beta v23 and it hasn't gone down at all - it works perfectly. if you don't like using beta versions, use dd-wrt v22r2 since it is a release version. The only thing to note is that v22r2 doesn't support the newer routers like dd-wrt does.

    if you can, go to a store to look at the routers and take the list relating serial numbers to version numbers. the only reason i say this is that the wrt54g v5 doesn't use a linux firmware like it's predecessors. It's not really a problem since DD-WRT does support this version but I can't say for other firmwares.
  9. gabo03

    gabo03 Network Guru Member

    well, then i go for this "solution"

    Thanks for all the help whatsthedeal.
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