Xbox Live (360) NAT: Moderate to Open

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by tomera, Jul 26, 2008.

  1. tomera

    tomera Addicted to LI Member

    Tomato Firmware 1.19

    Hello, I am having trouble opening up my NAT.

    My XBOX360 is connected to my laptop via Ethernet (Windows ICS). My laptop is connected to the WRT54GL via wireless. My WRT54GL is connected to the modem via Ethernet.

    I can connect to XBOX Live with no problems other than the NAT being moderate.

    I attempted to open up ports for 3074 (UDP+TCP) and 88 (TCP) but maybe I did it wrong?

    Any help is appreciated. I can provide more information if needed.
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    personally you need to connect the xbox by a direct route either with a wireless adaptor for the xbox or an ethernet cable. the other thing you might need to check is your laptops firewall to see if that is blocking any xbox traffic.

    the other thing is you did not say if the xbox has a static ip address or not.
  3. tomera

    tomera Addicted to LI Member

    I just turned off my firewall (COMODO) so I will now try it again.

    My XBOX360 does have a static ip address. If by that you mean I manually edited the IP address, sub net mask

    [Update] NAT still reads moderate.
  4. jza80

    jza80 Network Guru Member

    I agree with Toxic about connecting the Xbox directly to the router. Using ICS makes things more complicated then it has to be.

    1. Are you forwarding the ports to the correct IP address or device?

    I believe the default IP address for ICS is or This would be for the wireless connection on the laptop as your using that for ICS. The Xbox would have to be on a different IP in the same subnet (192.168.0.x or 192.168.1.x, which ever one ICS uses).

    Now I don't know if you can port forward to your Xbox thru the ICS connection (your laptop).

    2. You said you turned off comodo, but have you turned off the windows firewall for both connections (wireless and ethernet/wired) on your laptop?
  5. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    since the xbox is behind the ICS laptop though not using NAT I would try and see if port forwarding 88/3074 to the laptop would suffice.

    i take it ICF (internet connection firewall) is disabled on the ICS settings?
  6. TexasFlood

    TexasFlood Network Guru Member

    I have no personal experience but read somewhere that the combination of enabling UPnP and setting your xbox to receive a dhcp address works. I suggested that to someone over on the dd-wrt forums and it was reported successful.
  7. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    just to let you know my xbox360 is also moderate though i have found now issues so far with xbox live.
  8. jza80

    jza80 Network Guru Member

    I don't think that would work since the ICS laptop and Xbox have their own IP address, although on the same subnet. With ICS, the Xbox is using the laptop as a gateway.

    So you would have to port forward to the Xbox. There is 2 things I'm not sure about though.

    1. Since the Xbox is behind a laptop using ICS, will the port forward work?

    2. Will the traffic just pass on thru the laptop to the Xbox?

    Question for tomera. Is your modem doing any type of NAT or firewalling?
  9. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    read the initial post. he has a WRT54GL that is doing NAT not the modem.

    1. theoretically yes it will, though ICS also comes with ICF. he need to make sure the firewall on the ICS is disabled or lets through 88/3074. though most firewalls block incomming, so if the xbox initiates a connection to xbox live then it will work.

    2. if ICF is setup correctly. Xbox live does work in this senario, "moderate" is reporting that the xbox can connect to live, but this usually indicates that live cannot initiate the connection to the xbox.
  10. tomera

    tomera Addicted to LI Member

    I understand that connecting the Xbox360 to the router is the best option but my router is located in the living room and it is too far to run a cable. I would move the router/modem setup but I like to keep it up there so that my housemates can plug in their Xbox360's and play on Xbox Live on the larger TV.

    I'm not sure whether I'm port forwarding correctly. Can someone assist me? I don't know which IP address to use.

    Router -
    Xbox360 - 192.168.0.x
    Laptop - 192.168.1.x
    Laptop as Gateway -

    I am pretty sure my Windows Firewall is turned off. Would that mean ICF is turned off also? When I look at the Network Connections folder, I do not see the Windows Firewall icon above the connections.

    I believe my modem is not doing any NAT or fire walling. I think it is the WRT54GL with Tomato 1.19 that is doing it.
  11. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member NAT Setting is Strict/Moderate what can I do

    Are you connecting your Xbox to a PC/Laptop?

    If you are connecting your Xbox to a PC/Laptop and get a NAT status of Moderate or Strict. It is probably because your PC is connected to a router using an Ethernet cable or Wireless. And you are using ICS (Internet Connection Sharing).

    In this setup, ICS is not the best method to use, as you will never get a NAT Status better than Moderate.

    thats from Microsoft....

    if you want "open" then you have to use an ethernet cable to the router or a wireless adaptor/gaming bridge.
  12. guest

    guest Network Guru Member

    If connecting the Xbox360 directly to your router is not an option, may I suggest you purchase another Tomato compatible router and use the second router as a bridge or wireless client of the first router which is near your modem.

    These are the settings to get Xbox Live to recognize OPEN NAT

    1. You must assign your Xbox360 a static IP through the Xbox360 dashboard network settings.

    2. Int Address in Tomato's "Port Forwarding" Settings should match the static IP you just assigned to Xbox360.

    3. xx = fill in with number of your choice (see below)

    Port Forwarding (Basic) > Port Forwarding
    On: ..................... Check
    Proto: .................. TCP
    Ext Ports: .............. 3074
    Int Address: ............
    Description: ............ Xbox Live (TCP)

    On: ..................... Check
    Proto: .................. UDP
    Ext Ports: .............. 88,3074
    Int Address: ............
    Description: ............ Xbox Live (UDP)

    1. To get the Xbox360 to connect to live without connect test, enter a DNS server IP address into your Xbox360 dashboard network settings. Don't point the Xbox360 DNS settings to use Tomato's dnsmasq.

    Example: (OpenDNS)

    IP: ................
    Subnet Mask: .......
    Default Gateway: ...

    Example: (Tomato dnsmasq as DNS server)

    IP: ................
    Subnet Mask: .......
    Default Gateway: ...

  13. AmyGrrl

    AmyGrrl Network Guru Member

    I recommend that instead of using ICS that you Bridge the Wireless Adapter and the Ethernet Adapter on your Laptop together. This way any device you plug into the Ethernet Port will get its IP Address directly from the Router. I have done this and it works really well. Not sure what OS you are running. I did this using Windows XP. Turn Off/Remove ICS completely. Then Highlight the 2 Connections then Right-Click on them and select Bridge Connections. I recommend you reboot after this is done as the Network may not work. Now some Wireless Adapters may not work with this. I had this problem as well (not being able to access anything), but you can force it to work. I used this great guide, URL posted below. The command to Force Compatibility Mode was at the bottom.

    Now once this is all done, any device connected to the ethernet port will act like its connected directly to the router. The last thing I recommend is to make sure UPnP is enabled in the router as its disabled by default. I recently ran into this problem. I setup a WDS network (3 Days Ago) between a WRT54G v1.1 (Main Router Connected to the DSL Modem and has a XBOX 360 Connected to it) and a WRT54GL v1.1 (Several PC's and a 2nd XBOX 360 Connected to it). When we both tried playing online we kept getting the 'Moderate' problem. As soon as I enabled UPnP on the Main Router and rebooted everything both XBOX's came up as 'Open'.
  14. jersully

    jersully LI Guru Member

    Out on the interwebs, ICS is a very, very popular alternative to buying the $100 M$ wireless adapter, with some people having better luck with bridging. Most people don't seem to have much trouble with it, and even non-PC literate kids are pulling it off. I had nothing but trouble with it (it would work for a day, then inexplicably stop) so I shopped pretty hard and managed to score a used wireless adapter on eBay for $40 (lucky.)

    I HIGHLY recommend their wireless adapter, running Cat5 through your walls, or even getting a dedicated bridge. Pelican has released a new gaming bridge that seems reasonably priced.

    I'm really glad I dumped ICS.
  15. bripab007

    bripab007 Network Guru Member

  16. havemusic

    havemusic Network Guru Member

    One port Ms doesn't usually tell you about is 2074 both udp and Tcp should also be open. one mine was doing the moderate/strict thing and opened this port all was solved..
  17. Vic Fontaine

    Vic Fontaine Addicted to LI Member

    This worked for me. Thanks!!!
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