Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by TorranceTM, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. TorranceTM

    TorranceTM LI Guru Member

    Just wanted to pass on my experiences with the NSLU2:

    I have Win XP SP2, MAC OSX 10.4.9 & XBOX XBMC 3CTH 2007-04-01

    First change to the NSLU2 was to remove the under-clocking resistor.

    All testing was done with UPNP un-selected.

    I had the NSLU2 setup with 2 hard disks both in EXT3 format using V23R63, I was experiencing slow browsing from Win XP / MAC and unknown user from XBMC - Even though I had Guest user access allowed, I also tried specifying a name/password which was known on the NSLU2.

    I disabled XP Firewall & network checking for remote Printers & Scheduled Tasks in Win XP which reduced the delay to 30 seconds for XP browsing.

    Next I upgraded the NSLU2 to V23R72 and found the exact same results for all three platforms.

    Then I downgraded the NSLU2 to V23R25 and found the following:
    Win XP - Instantaneous Browsing (Leaving other XP changes as per above).
    MAC - Instantananeous Browsing.
    XBOX - NO "User Unknown" error with either a named user or using Guest access with SMB.

    Large file downloads and uploads does not produce connection lost error as reported by other users.

    I realise that I can only have 2 * EXT3 HDD's in this version - But it should satisfy my current needs - If I do need to access the HDD's from a local machine I do have a free EXT2/3 driver that does work under XP.

    Access to USB attached HDD's is acceptable and streaming video content to XBOX works great.

    I don't know what has been changed since V23R25 to produce this behaviour, but after much fiddling I will stick with this configuration for now.

    Hope this helps some other users.

  2. TorranceTM

    TorranceTM LI Guru Member

    Update V23R29

    Tested all devices using V23R29 with same setup as previous:

    Found that all devices react the same as with V23R25 BUT with a bonus of 10-15% reduced transfer times.

    I decided to try V23R29 since the release notes states this will fix issues with > 1Gb files - I have only found it to be faster, as I did not experience any issues with large file transfers previously.

  3. rovel

    rovel Guest

    shall we all downgrade from R73 to R29 ? I think "yes".
  4. bripab007

    bripab007 Network Guru Member

    My slug came loaded with R73 from the factory, and I have always had my Windows firewall disabled.

    I've gotten near-instantaneous browsing/file loading on Win XP, XBMC (using un/pw of admin account on slug entered into XBMC's SMB settings menu) and my wife's Macbook.
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