xDSL versus COMCAST cable internet. which is better?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SAPo57, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. SAPo57

    SAPo57 Network Guru Member

    I know comcast has higher download speeds than DSL, but I heard that DSL can reach higher upload speeds than COMCAST.

    Basicly people want better download speeds for streaming media on the internet and others want better upload speeds for internet gaming like Halo on the XBOX or SOCOM 3 on the PS2.

    In my case I want better upload for online gaming, but my ADSL isn't that fast and I can't compare it to COMCAST since I've never used cable to connect to the internet. I have heard that COMCAST users experience the best output for online gaming instead of DSL which they've used in the past. How can this be possible?

    I would like to know the genral info. between these two services and which service is better for ONLINE GAMING.
  2. bleagh

    bleagh Network Guru Member

    I would say to avoid Comcast at all costs...

    I had Comcast for quite a while and had all sorts of problems. They sent a serviceman out to check the line and such more than a half dozen times. I was using a rented modem, and they had to replace it twice. Most recently it had problems with rain. Everytime it rains, my internet went down. But there have been lots of other problems also.

    I recently called them to disconnect the service. They said they couldn't disconnect until I returned the modem. And they said there would be a $10 pickup fee if they had someone come pick up the modem. I mentioned that neither of these conditions are in my contract and they were never mentioned before and as such I couldn't pay them for it. So far they still haven't picked up the modem and they are still billing me for the service...

    Good thing I never give them a credit card number!

    As for DSL, it depends largely on the ISP you get...

    I tried a local ISP (Xmission) and even though my modem trained at 7.1 mbps, I usually only got 1-4 mbps during the day. Speed were better in the evening, but clearly they had bandwidth problems during they daytime.

    I have since changed to qwest.net as my ISP. So far everything looks pretty good with qwest.net.

    Qwest.net has slightly higher latency (measurable) than Comcast, but I don't really notice it in games. And in fact I got quite a few ingame lag spikes with Comcast, and these seem to be mostly gone now with qwest.net.

    The speeds seem more consistant with qwest.net also. With Speakeasy's speedtest, I get 5900-5999 kbps on all but the 3 east cost servers. With the 3 east cost servers i usually get around 5000 kbps.

    with Comcast I actually got better speeds from the east coast servers (even though I live in Utah). I usually got anywhere from 5000-6000 kbps on the east coast servers and the Dallas server. But I only got from 4000-5000 on the west coast servers and the Chicago server.

    But overall, DSL with qwest.net is WAY BETTER than cable with Comcast. Lots fewer ingame lag spikes, better sustained download speeds, far fewer service disconnects and service problems.
  3. jgutz20

    jgutz20 Network Guru Member

    you can always find hundreds of people who have bad experiences with every provider, I've had Charter, Time Warner and currently Comcast and dont have any complaints about the service. The phone support, god have mercy on you if you need it, blows but i can play east coast servers with a ~45 ping (im central). my upload is capped at 512, some people have it capped lower and some higher. personally i dont like the slow download speeds of DSL, it cant compete with cable.
  4. SAPo57

    SAPo57 Network Guru Member

    One thing i found with my DSL that many online gamers should do too...

    1. Reboot the modem more often, which clears the line of any errors and some noise. This I've discovered when toying with my westell modem on the online interface.

    2. If you don't like rebooting all the time you could connect a switch to the modem, a switch has an error-detection & correction feature.

    3. Then set DMZ to your PS2 or XBOX (on my modem i click "User Configured PC" to set the DMZ on my ps2 manually). On the memory card you have to set the DMZ ip address they give you, the gateway ip address, and DNS ip address,too.
  5. bleagh

    bleagh Network Guru Member

    As I mentioned, I also had lower ping times with Comcast (both ingame and using onling latency tests). But we are talking like 1/100 to 2/100 of a second, often even less. The only NOTICABLE difference is that with Comcast I clearly had ingame lag spikes. Usually several a day! For me these were very annoying. And more than enough for me not to recommend the service.

    So far DSL has seemed to solved all the problems I had with Comcast without adding any new problems.

    But it is true that everybody experience will be different. And DSL can be as bad, or even worse than Comcast cable if you get a bad ISP.

    The best place to look for good ISPs is likely:

    The have some forums and many reviews an very many ISPs. The even have a forum for Comcast:
  6. jgutz20

    jgutz20 Network Guru Member

    Honestly i cant say i have the lag spikes with my cable, i play Q4 and have absolutely no complaints. Like bleagh said check out that website and get some feedback on how local users feel about their ISP. Most people will only take the time to type something up if they did have a bad experience with it. If you cant come to a conclusion from that, go with the best performance/dollar. you could probably talk them into giving you a lower rate just by mentioning the other ISP. Good luck!
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