XP keeps re-setting the default printer (using WPS54GU2)

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    SHORT VER: XP Home v2002 keeps re-setting default printer to one that's currently not available, in another location (guy travels). Default re-sets every time he boots.

    DETAILS: This customer uses a relatively new toshiba laptop (XP Home v2002) in 2 homes (north and south california). In SoCal he uses a printer (HP PSC 2500 series) that has a wireless print server built in (he says). Up here in NoCal he uses a WPS54GU2 linksys "Wireless-G PrintServer for USB 2.0" to connect to a "HP officejet 7130 all-in-one" (serial num "SG37DD110W" / C8383A). He also has a linksys router for web connection.

    The So Cal printer worked last time he was there, and now that he's up here, the No Cal printer works too -- he can print to it fine. BUT recently a MAC user tinkered with his setup, and now he has to keep changing the default printer back to North Cal -- because It resets to So Cal whenever he restarts xp.

    ONce he sets the local (no cal) printer as default, it stays for a bit, and then swithes back to SoCal, if he tinkers with printer settings, or restarts XP.


    At first, on bootup I was getting an error -- "The Print Spooler was unable to connect to your printer", etc. At that point, with the XP load on pause (waitingn for a response), the No Cal printer was missing. BUT, as soon as I clicked OK on the spooler ERROR MESSAGE, then the missing NoCal printer would APPEAR. (happened every bootup). SO --

    GOOGLE suggested starting the printer spooler service -- but this was already on, and set to automatic. THEN --

    GOOGLE suggested reinstalling the print server & printer, which I did. NOTE -- THIS GOT RID OF THE SPOOL ERROR -- but the "default reset" issue remained, unchanged.

    OTHER CLUES (probably useless):

    All devices look ok. If I run the printer server util, it lists the printer server ("LK960361"), with two ports - "LK960361_P1" and "LK960361_P2". Strangely, it says P1 is empty, and says P2 is the NoCal printer. These assignments appear to be LOCKED (in this menu). If I go further into this utility, into both P1 and P2 (printer port) menus, No Cal and So Cal printers are listed as available (along with SoCal printer "fax", and a winfax object) -- but If I try to reassign either port to any of these 4 "devices", it doesn't change the assignment -- not here in this Print Server util, anyway.

    BUT the Word PRINT menu said that BOTH printers were associated with PrintServer Port 1, not 2!

    BUT, on the other hand, in native PRINTER PROPERTIES, if I change the ports, the other print menus then reflect this reassignment going forward.

    When I look at list of PORTS (under "add printer"), I see the PRINT SERVERs TWO PORTS ("LK960361_P1" & "LK960361_P2"), listed as "PrintServer Ports", and they do reflect whatever port changes I make under printer propertes). BUT there is ALSO a SEPARATE PORT with the same name as the SoCal printer ("psc2500series"). Unlike P1 and P2 (which are "PrintServer Ports"), this is a "HP Standard TCP/IP Port") I assume that is the So Cal Print Server port. SHOULD the port be listed separately from the printer -- but have identical names?

    As I said -- dunno if the above is related. LIkewise the following is probably useless..

    When I left, the HP PSC 2500 printer props say that "bidirectional support" is enabled, but that "printer spooling" is off. BUt on the psc2500 printer FAX props, both or disabled. I didn't change these, so they must be pre-existing.

    Thanks for any help on this.
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    The Professional Edition of Windows XP has more features. You can have multiple user profiles for the same user. In the home addtion I would setup another User Account one with a different default printer. User accounts can be setup in the Control Panel. First press the Start Control Button and select "Settings" and select "Control Panel" and select "User Accounts" create another user account.
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