XP Logout/Login causing Disconnect or Router Freeze?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by kineticflow, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. kineticflow

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    When I use certain accounts in my XP (clicking from welcome screen), xp sp2 won't connect to my WRT54GX2.

    So, here's a scenario...

    i have two computers near by (within 5 meters), call it A and B.
    Comp A is my computer, B is my brother's.

    When I log out my main account in Comp A, and login to "Family" account, ZDWlan (connector for ZD1211 chipset)pops up, and goes into a loop of "connected, signal 80%" and then in 5 seconds, "Connecting.....", then "connected, signal .." again.

    Disconnection happens on BOTH computers, and both cmoputers suffer exact same thing although only computer A logged in and out. (Switched user accounts)

    Sometimes, the router will not only refuse connections but just freeze and let power LED blink (everything else is off).

    Can somebody help me?

    in summary,

    1. If I log out and log in as certain user accounts in Windows XP sp2, the router refuses new connection or may freeze. Happens to all copmputers connected to the network.

    2. My router is WRT54GX2, bought a week ago at bestbuy

    3. I use zyxel zd1211 chipset usb dongles for both computers.

    I "fixed" it by changing from WPA -> WEP 128bit.
    I contacted Linksys online chat support and that guy immediately suggested changing back to WEP for combatibility with my wifi card..

    Looks like its solved, and I'll see how security goes (i feel insecure!)

    Hope that helped people who got here by searching.
    If I find it happening again, I'll edit this post.

    But I found one more problem: MAC filtering doesn't work on my router. I set MAC Filter allow only for my computer, but my brother's computer can access router. 8O Confused.
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