youtube problem with tomato

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by RDPH, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. RDPH

    RDPH Networkin' Nut Member

    Hello, just got Linksys WRT54G-TM with heatsink 32 mb and i really like it with the tomato firmware! for me it feels much better than the last year with dd-wrt but i got a little problem that i hope people here can help me with, when im on youtube the movie clip is loading very slow, when im using the tomato firmware, if i try other routers its very fast again, anyone can help me to svolve this problem?

    hope someone can help me!
  2. bigclaw

    bigclaw Network Guru Member

    Wired or wireless? Windows, Mac OS, iPhone, iPad?
  3. RDPH

    RDPH Networkin' Nut Member

    Wired and mac os.

    edit: and now i even got another problem, i cant watch a youtube movie, the movie just stopes in the middle, and wont load. the same thing happens when i try to load youtube movies that are in 720p

    And i have even reset the router with tomato 1.28.
  4. joeyford1

    joeyford1 LI Guru Member

    Do you have QOS enabled?

    I found that youtube and hulu opens a large number of connections and those connections are "unclassified" If you limit the unclassified, it will mess with the video.

    This may or may not help but just an FYI
  5. rhester72

    rhester72 Network Guru Member

    There is nowhere in QoS to allow you to limit unclassified, as far as I can see.

  6. FattysGoneWild

    FattysGoneWild LI Guru Member

    youtube is the problem. I have the same exact issue once in a while. They get tons of traffic 24/7
  7. joeyford1

    joeyford1 LI Guru Member

    here you ago. attached is a gif of the unclassified class.

    Attached Files:

  8. rhester72

    rhester72 Network Guru Member

    Which Tomato release is this? Bug is definitely corrected (long ago) in TB's builds.

  9. joeyford1

    joeyford1 LI Guru Member

    I'm using version 1.28. I have never tried TB builds of it. I don't understand what your saying, the "Default" class (i have it set as class E) is a bug?

    As far as i'm aware anything that doesn't meet your QOS rules or cannot be classified, such as SSL connections will be put in with class E in my case, I think the default is "Low".
  10. srouquette

    srouquette Network Guru Member

    I also have some problem with youtube (and every websites using flash video), but I think my ISP is throttling my connection, because the problem occurs after 6PM...
    I'm using 1.27 VPN GUI.
  11. RDPH

    RDPH Networkin' Nut Member

    hey, yes im using QoS this is my settings:

    Now i have so big problems with youtube that there is NOT a chance that i can stream 720p clips... its so really bad because that the tomato firmware is so great on my network! no more thinking of the VoIP will lag or anything:/ only i want to fix now is youtube!
  12. myersw

    myersw Network Guru Member

    I guess I would start by disabling QOS and see if YouTube works ok then. If it still does not work correctly then it is not a QOS problem. IF it now works correctly then start adding QOS settings one at a time and see what setting breaks YouTube.
  13. Guzel

    Guzel Network Guru Member

    hi m8
    I have wnr3500l beta19
    its outstanding whit youtube no QOS, its fast
    What web browser are you yousing??? l have firefox
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