Zonealarm & WRT54GL Dropouts

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by jackglass, Nov 21, 2007.

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    Hi folks, I'm a newbie to this forum but not a newbiew to Networking...anyway I wanted to ask if anyone knows a fix or has suffered similar drop out issues. I have the latest version of ZA Pro on each pc/laptop & the latest Linksys Firmware version, but the internet connection drops out, at least a few times each day. This sometimes means a lot of refreshing or reboots before it's up and running again. The down/up speeds are terrific though when it's working.

    Furthermore I have 2 hard wired PC's, one wireless laptop, one wireless PC & a WEP Enabled Nintendo DS. All the wireless nodes also have Linksys Wireless Cards respectively and connection strength is excellent all around the house. File sharing is fine and works every time, it's just the internet I'm having issues with.

    All PC's have XP SP2 installed, Windows XP Firewalls are all disabled, ISP is virginmedia which supports DHCP, which I have enabled.

    Is there maybe a better 3rd party firmware upgrade that would help?

    Below is a few of the settings I have on ZA

    ARP Protection, Block ICMP Echo on Internet Zone, Filter IP traffic Over 1394, Local IP Address Ranges in Trusted Zone

    Below is a few of the settings I have on Router

    Firewall Enabled, DHCP Enabled, Wireless WEP Enabled, Default Passwords Have Been Changed To More Secure Passwords.

    Thank you.
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