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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by kiwiruss, Dec 2, 2004.

  1. kiwiruss

    kiwiruss Network Guru Member

    I currently have my dsl connected to a pc running smoothwall with a DMZ and a internal network. I have an apache webserver in the DMZ with several websites on it. (smoothwall has 3 ethernet nics)


    internet ---> dsl modem --> Smoothie ---> DMZ switch ---> webserver
    |----> Internal net switch ----> pc's

    Smoothwall updates my 4 domain names on

    I want to replace my smoothwall machine with a linksys wrt54gs but as far as I can tell, it can only update a single domain name on
    I will get the wrt54gs as I want the wifi access.

    QUESTION: Is there a way (using satori firmware maybe, to get the linksys to update several dmain ip's at zoneedit ?
  2. cbailey

    cbailey Network Guru Member

    I am in the same situation.. I've got 5 domains on Zoneedit, and Satori only updates one of them, and even then only the and, not Is this a feature that's been added to the next release? I'd sign up today if it was available!
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