zyxel CPE-router combo/WRT54g workgroup issues

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by dagg, Aug 28, 2005.

  1. dagg

    dagg Network Guru Member

    I am unable to access any of the computers on the workgroup & cant figure out why at this point.

    here is my setup:
    Zyxel CPE/router combo
    24port switch

    The WRT and 2 systems go through the switch to get an ip from the Zyxel.

    the rest of the computers go directly to the zyxel.

    the laptop goes wireless through the WRT to get its IP.

    all machines are on the same workgroup, same subnet (192.168.1.xxx)

    Firewall on WRT is disabled.

    as far as I understand, as long as all the machines are in the same workgroup & on the same subnet they should be able to see eachother, but they just arnt...

    the linksys is using stock firmware

    can anyone give me some ideas on where this is going wrong?
  2. dagg

    dagg Network Guru Member


    well... I put the laptop on the DMZ and after that I was able to ping the other machines in the workgroup and browse to them by IP only

    So I can now at least hit the different machines by IP address, but not by computer name. The other odd thing is that while I can hit them and browse them just fine now, I can not map them as a network drive... it keeps telling me that the remote machine is not responding or not available even while I am browsing that machine... kinda odd to me...

    if anyone has any input please let me know
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