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A cTorrent Guide or so called :D

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by GnFi, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. GnFi

    GnFi Networkin' Nut Member

    I haven't yet finished it.
    I am just posting my own dctcs.conf since it might help a mate here along with a brief explanation of the most lines in it.

    The guide will come later today or tomorrow. I have to do some research on some lines before i go on with it.

    #sample config file
    #change these according to your system
    torrent-directory=/harddisk/volume_3/data/ctorrent/Temp/             [B][COLOR="Red"]Temporary Directory[/COLOR][/B]
    download-directory=/harddisk/volume_3/data/ctorrent/                 [B][COLOR="Red"] Finished Downloads Directory[/COLOR][/B]
    #change user name and password
    user=nas200                                                                               [B][COLOR="Red"]username for web interface (anything will do)   [/COLOR][/B]                           
    password=nas200                                                                        [B][COLOR="Red"]password for web interface  (anything will do) [/COLOR][/B]
    exit-hours=72                                                                          [B][COLOR="Red"]Exit while seed x hours later[/COLOR][/B]
    exit-ratio=1.5                                [B][COLOR="Red"]exit-ratio. ctorrent will exit after seeding to that ratio[/COLOR][/B]                        
    cache-size=1                                             [B][COLOR="Red"] set the cache size of ctorrent clients. I think it has something to do with hard disks cashing[/COLOR][/B]
    download-limit=300                                                                        [COLOR="Red"][B]Max download speed[/B][/COLOR]
    upload-limit=15                                                                              [COLOR="Red"][B]Max upload speed   [/B][/COLOR]  
    check-interval=10                                         [COLOR="Red"][B]check the torrent-directory every X minutes for new torrent which gets started[/B][/COLOR]
    port=XXXXX                                                                                    [COLOR="Red"][B]dctcs web interface port (port forword the same one).[SIZE="5"]ALSO DELETE THE # FROM THE START OF THIS LINE. DUPLICATING IT DOES NOT WORK[/SIZE][/B][/COLOR]    
    #arbitrary arguments to ctorrent
    ctorrent-args=-a -u http://tracker.openbittorrent.com/announce
    #run command after download complete see ctorrent -X for details
    #url to prepend in the details box
    detail-url=ftp://user@your-router-ip/your-download-dir/                            [COLOR="Red"][B]your ftp ip. You will have to provide a valid ftp user and the finished download directory.example according to the finished folder we gave on the top ftp://user@nas200.myip.com/ctorrent/                                                        [/B][/COLOR]
    #arbitrary arguments to wget
    wget-args=-c                                                                                          [COLOR="Red"][B]continue getting a partially-downloaded file[/B][/COLOR]
    ctorrent=/usr/sbin/ctorrent                                                                                   [COLOR="Red"][B]ctorrent client folder[/B][/COLOR]
    client-host=localhost:XXXXX                        [COLOR="Red"][B]ctorrent port that listens to incoming connections. port forward this port. [SIZE="5"]ALSO DELETE THE # FROM THE START OF THIS LINE. DUPLICATING IT DOES NOT WORK[/SIZE][/B][/COLOR]                            
    htmlroot-directory=/usr/share/dctcs/www/darkside.ctcs.gui/                                    [COLOR="Red"][B]web interface directory[/B][/COLOR]
    I had a small problem forwarding the web interface. On the default dctcs.conf file there is a line commented with # that suggest you how to mark the port that dctcs will use. it was something like
    As long as that commented port was there i couldn't reach my web interface. This is what i almost had till i figure it out

    By just deleting the # marked line my web interface worked like it should

    Hope that helps for start

    Keep in mind that i am not a torrent fun and the ratio thing is not something i know how to adjust.
    Keeping the default lines for the ports (those with # in front of them) and writing under them does not work since it seems that dctcs and ctorrent uses the default ones that are with the # in front. So either delete the # symbol or completely replace them and delete the default ones.

    Believe me it will work like that i just don't have the experience to say more.

    I will fix this guide so that even people without console knowledge can do it. But not today.......i do have a lot of work to do right now.
  2. bwolff

    bwolff Networkin' Nut Member

    how many concurrent downloads you use to have? Until now I only managed to download 1 torrent successfully... normally the nas just stalls and i've to do a hard shutdown...

    and again for whom says i've my ctorrent unconfigured... i've always had ctorrent configured and i've already tried that config above... it just won't work...:/

    and i've no other services running (from ufs200)

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