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Problems with sd card reader in a wrt54g ver.2

Discussion in 'Modding Forum' started by Duff, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. Duff

    Duff Guest


    i have put an sd card reader into my wrt54g ver.2

    But i got this error message
    I used the following pins:

    PIN 1 --> CS
    PIN 2 --> DI
    PIN 3 --> VSS
    PIN 4 --> VDD
    PIN 5 --> CLK
    PIN 6 --> VSS2
    PIN 7 --> DO

    I also changed the PIN 5 (CLK) and PIN 7 (DO) but i got the same error message.

    Here's what i have done

    Thanks for any help!
    I don't know what i can do.

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